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Off the road at 76

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I completed the C25K in the spring and then went on to do a few Park Runs. I carried on running 3-5k’s through the hot summer months and was looking forward to starting the bridge to 10K. However, fate had other things planned for me. In late September in the baggage hall of Gatwick airport I took a step back to look at an overhead information screen and tripped backwards over a wheelie bag. My knee exploded in pain and I could hardly walk. In November I had an arthroscopy to repair a torn meniscus in my right knee joint. Shortly after the Op. a Baker’s cyst in my knee ruptured causing my lower leg, ankle and foot to swell up and become very painful. I rushed off to A&E thinking I had a DVT. Fortunately that was not the case. Now five weeks after the Op. i am on the mend, I can walk a kilometre with a bit of a limp and cycle slowly. I am looking forward to start the C25K all over again in February, I can’t wait to get running again!

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Oh my word, what a spell of bad luck you’ve had Greyandold. Good that you’re starting to manage some walking and cycling, and it’s a fabulous idea to start working through C25K again when you’re ready. Bet you’ll be surprised as how much your body remembers. Good luck! 😀

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Ouch, then ouch some more... at least you’re gonna miss most of the bad weather... and you know you can do the plan, so it should be easier second time around.

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Brilliant to hear that you are fully on the mend and will be back with us :)

Many of us have repeated all, or some of C25K for different reasons...... and it will work for you! No pressure... and knowing what is coming gives you a real boost.. and.. we are all here, as every, to help :)

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Oh my God, you have been in the wars. When I read your title I thought it meant you were giving up running for good - so pleased you'll soon be back with us!

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Determination like yours will get you back in track and the C25K is a great way to do it safely , good luck with your recovery

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You've done it once so you can do it again. Just avoid any baggage areas!

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