Smoothie Recipes on Facebook

I hope this isn't contravening any rules about cross-promotio - it isn't a profit making thing, just an information share.

For those of you who are Nutribullet fans and smoothie converts, I have set up a group on Facebook to share our daily smoothie recipes. It is at:

Please feel free to join and share recipes, ideas, tips etc.

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  • Great! Thanks, Rignold. Love my Nutribullet.

  • I am just waiting for the poor-man's nutribullet (Breville version) to arrive in the post so will definitely be joining the FB group!

  • Love the idea of sharing smoothy recipes. I have to admit I am a vitamix gal though.

  • We have a Vitamix too but I only use it if I am making family sized smoothies. Bit of overkill otherwise. The Bullet is ideal for 1/2 person quantities.

  • I have the baby aspire one. My favourite gadget of all time.

  • I drank two portions of anti-inflamm smoothie today. CAn't say it's working yet. Sigh

    It's very nice though

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