Anyone interested in a Facebook group?

I just wondered if anyone would be interested in joining a closed Facebook group if I set one up? I love this forum but I thought it might be easier to post photos, let each other know about events and share information. I find it quite time consuming and difficult to follow a post or discussion on here as I don't always have access to a computer and it's not that mobile friendly. Let me know if would be interested - I don't want to be billy no-mates in a group all on my own!

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  • I considered that too so I'm in. Happy to set it up also, but if you want to do so then feel free.

  • Well, at least there will be two of us! We need a name - any suggestions? I'll set it up later then add you as admin if that's OK?

  • There already is one - it was set up when this site was having problems last year. It's C25Kers on Facebook. It's a closed group and well managed and is used a lot. If you request to join the admins will sort it for you :-)

  • Great - thanks.

  • Thanks, have just sent request to join!

  • I've just sent a request too

  • Thanks Sarah, I've sent a request too

  • FB group is very active with many runners from here on it. What I would ask though is don't forget all the new runners on here who need support and encouragement. I do fall by the wayside now and again but I'm never going to forget all the help I received from this wonderful site so don't stay away for long. Good luck with your running journey.

  • I agree with Oldgirl....and I'm in!

  • I totally agree Oldgirl. It's horses for courses really, this site will always be the first place new runners come to but Facebook is easier for other things. I intend to use both.

  • Well done, I dip in and out of both as often as I can even though I'm not running just now.

  • I love having both ... It's so good to be part of this community as a whole....

  • Is there an existing Facebook community? I did not know that! I have just sent my request...

  • Just sent my request in! Much easier to keep on top of than here. Not to say I'll stop checking up on here!!

  • Thanks for the link to the fb group. I looked the other day, but couldn't find anything. I've sent my request.

  • Just joined too, oh, coming out from behind my internet name scary!

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