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About to start

Tomorrow night while the evenings are bright I plan to start the first week of couch to 5K.

Why tomorrow? Well today I did the strength and flexibility download and I see it is recommended to do both pod casts on alternate days.

Very pleased to say that even I managed to download the mp3 to my cranky old phone and dusted off some old headphones.

I've very much looking forward to getting to know the park in a different way soon.

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Good luck GW, it's a very good programme and you are doing the right thing by starting it.


Thanks, I'm looking forward to snubbing my couch in future.


It's a very good programme and it does what it says on tin. Your couch will understand and you will be finding lots of new running routes.


Great! I'm looking forward to it.


Best of luck, as everyone says - it really is a good programme and you will surprise yourself every week!


Thank you Stevie. I cant wait to start. I shall post up a comment on how it went tomorrow.


Good luck for your first run.

I was just looking though some other posts on the forum and was amazed by how many different people posted 'if I can do it anyone can' or words to that effect.

It is a testament to how great this programme is, so just take it nice and slow and soon, you'll be saying the same thing!

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