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Getting myself ready to start this program early tomorrow morning and looking for help and support 🙈 I'm 57 been a member of a gym in the past but as I now spend some time abroad that isn't always feasible Never ran before my excuse is I tried but omg pain in my thighs was all I needed to stop!! Any help would be appreciated I'm currently in the canaries for the next 4 weeks and I suppose my biggest problem other than doing it is the heat ☀️


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  • Hydrate, and pick a time of day that's cooler - perhaps an early morning run?

    Then search out a course that is not too hilly, and with plenty of shade - then give it a go.

  • Thank you that is my plan will post how it goes

  • Early is good, slow is good :) and if things hurt slow down some more. There is SO much that you can get out of doing this programme, it does great things to you if you let it! Welcome to the club and let us know how you get on. Have a read of some past posts and you'll see just how lovely & encouraging everyone is on here. Good luck!

  • Thank you!!

  • There are a few simple things to remember:

    1: You aren't in a race, slow and steady always wins in the end, it gets you through the runs, that builds your fitness, stamina and mental attitude.

    2: Sounds stupidly obvious but BREATHE, have a read around the internet and see what you can find, belly breathing is better than chest breathing.

    3: Pick a time that suits you, I prefer morning runs as it leaves be hyper for the day (strange coming from a 21+ stone man

    4: Most importantly - ENJOY yourself.

    5: There is no such thing as a failed run, if you don't complete a run then it was a practice, learn from it and do it again on the next run day

    6: Never miss rest days

  • I was 57 I started running and it is probably the single most important thing I have ever done for myself.

    I am generally fitter at 61 than I have ever been and the ability to just go and knock out a ten mile run is hugely gratifying. Running really can do a vast amount for us, both physically and mentally.

    Take the runs as slow as you need to. If you don't complete a run then you just repeat it, getting stronger with each repeat, until you complete, then you move on. You are in control and you can only fail this plan if you give up running.

    Try these stretches nhs.uk/Livewell/c25k/Pages/... after every run. They will help to minimise the aches that are inevitable when you start a new exercise regime.

    Tell us how you get on and good luck.

  • Thank you I appreciate your advice

  • You've come to the right place...take it easy, don't over do it...nice & slow...that's the key...you'll find the perfect time of day that suits you...listen to your body...but most of all enjoy it...keep posting & any questions, just ask...good luck

  • Thank you I will!

  • Thank you as I've never ran before this is a scary venture for me! 🙈

  • I hadn't either - just finished week 7 and loving it. Take it slowly and trust the programme - it seems to work!

  • You'll be fine...relax

  • Thanx I will be posting

  • Hydrate well and get out really early... :) Shade and flat if possible :)

  • PS

    Sorry... a huge welcome.. take the advice of our wonderful IannodaTruffe ...all good stuff... the main thing? Slow and steady and have a really great time en route:)

  • Thank you I will do my best

  • How did it go?!

  • I am 57 and decided to challenge myself to doing a Park Run before my birthday in November. I found my thighs were aching and the sides of my knees so I got someone to look at my running style at the gym. Now I have a lighter style, I run slower admittedly, but no pain. If stretching doesn't help then why not try that? I am now in week 6 and pain free. I have a trial Park Run at the end of the month so wish me luck.

  • Hi, I think you had plenty good replies. Read inspirational posts of Jancanrun. She began and made most of her journey in heat of Italy. Her posts are amazing! Just have a read :)

    Remember words of our beloved mentor Oldfloss: slow and steady. And another mentor IannodaTruffe : keep running, keep smiling!

    Wish you all the best, and waiting for a story how was your run.

    BTW. On which day / week of the C25K programme are you?

  • I would also add don't stress if you are not running every other day or 3x per week, many of us runs 2x per week and that's also fine.

    Don't overthink, just gear up, go out, and enjoy. You may want to start by having week 0 of 30 min brisk walks. Then do week 1, if you manage 3 x 60sec runs than it's great, you're improving! During the next run, just try doing it at least 4 times ;)

    I'm doing few min warm up (leg swings, ankle warmin up, knee circles, arm circles) before going out for 5 min warm up walk. For me stretches after run are just a must. I try to those stretches (although sometimes I just do only 3-4 main stretches: calf, quads, harmstrings):

    For muscle pain, which is normal after exercises (it will get easier with time), try gentle massage, warm bath (due to heat you can put in only legs ;), hydrotherapy (so massage with shower, go swimming, etc), I was told that one beer the same day as exercises can help with preventing or minimisong muscle aches the next day (never tried this one myself, as I am rather gin&tonic lady ;) )

    Good luck and let us know how it go.

  • Just take it really slowly then a bit slower still...trust the programme and keep on this site....everyone here is amazing and we all support each other.. you can do this!!!

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