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W3R3 - check!!

Thanks for all your support when I hit a wall at week one. I am glad I repeated week 1 at the time but if I hadn't come here and had a good talking to, I probably would still be there, repeating week 1 again and again lol! but thanks to the super motivation from this group, me and my westie have just completed w3R3. Slightly apprehensive about what week 4 will bring but trying not to look at what Laura has in store for me next.

R4L in 4 weeks. I am to run at least 90% of it!! That would've been unthinkable 4 weeks ago!

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Well done Pen11, starting a new week is always nerve wrecking but its what makes this whole process fantastic when you achieve what you just didn't think was possible! Runners it! Enjoy the rest of the programme & keep posting, it really does help! We've all been there ;-)


Good for you Pen11 ☺️ Don't think too much about week 4, just get out and enjoy it. You've done well so far and there's no reason why your success shouldn't continue! Have a good week!


Thanks guys!


Well done, both for overcoming the gremlins and for your enthusiasm. As I said way back in week one... TAKE ONE DAY AT A TIME, and enjoy it. Boot those gremlins out.

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