Like Michaelangelo carving a marble masterpiece, chipping away at the piece until it becomes a thing of beauty, I managed to chop a whole minute off my 7K time today. It wasn't beautiful by any means, but it was a solid accomplishment - and I even managed a sub 30 minute 5K within this time.

I'd set off at 10:30am along the river, my usual route, and started Gertie Garmin. I've got so used to having to stop and cough violently that I was surprised when I'd reached 1K and not had to do so! I'm slowly recovering and getting these lungs back to normal. Unfortunately as soon as Gertie bleeped that 2K had been clocked, I coughed so hard it made my eyes water and I had to stop, take a sip of water, and do a recovery walk! I quickly got back to normal though and off I went again.

The sun was being a bit cheeky, slipping behind clouds occasionally and turning the air slightly chilly, but it was a perfect day for running. I'm still wearing my running tights cos they are so damned comfortable and I believe, better than shorts. I think the flapping of shorts material would cause wind drag and make my times even worse!

A few runners smiled back at me, but not many. There were lots of folks out today, walking and "taking the air", so I had a few hazards to negotiate but luckily all without any collisions. At 4K I looked at Gertie and she said that a sub 30 5K was on the cards, but if I wanted to do it then I'd have to step on the gas a bit. I've been so ill lately that the thought of trying to go fast seemed impossible, but whatever the negative thoughts flowing around my head, I decided to take on the challenge. I stepped on it. Kept looking at the garmin and I could see there were 250 metres to go before the 5K was up. I pushed harder and unbelievably my lungs took the extra strain and allowed me to continue. Closer closer closer.......the clock said 29'15.......29'30......29'40....."AAAgghhhh!! COME ON DAN!"........bleep bleep bleep 5K!! I looked at Gertie and she said 29'47.


This was followed by almost total collapse, due to tiredness. I'd used all my energy to do that and the next 2K would be tough. I slowed right down and tried to recover as quickly as I could. Suddenly my lungs decided it was time to cough and boy........did I cough! Had to stop again, wipe my eyes and gather my thoughts. But like before my recovery time was alarmingly quick! I soon jogged on and crossed the road at Richmond Bridge before heading home to my 7K marker - a lamp post on St Margarets Road.

Final time was 42'42 which is a little bit better than the last run. I still think it will be a while before I'm 100% though. I think if I was a footballer, Sir Alex wouldn't even have me on the bench and would tell the nosey press that "The lad is norrrt a hunnerd purr cennnt rate noo. Just gav 'im a wee bat lonnnnger!"

Thanks for reading folks. I am forever in your debt.

Yer pal



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15 Replies

  • 42 minutes and a bit! Thats my PB for 5 k ;) well done , looks like you're on the road to a fast recovery!

  • Thank you Pigivi. It's a lonnnnnnnnng road.....

  • Oh you have me singing now! The road is long, with many a winding turn.... Lovely post Dan and sounds to me like you're on your way back with a spring in your step! Feet up now and take it easy x :-)

  • Well done Dan.

    I would be willing to bet that the aerodynamic penalty of 'flappy' shorts is less than one second per Km. Just admit it - you like prancing around in spandex!

  • DAMN! Rumbled.....

  • Mar vil iss pet! Nair leee a hundrid pu sent man!!! Get in wor dan!!! That's fab. Seriously well done. I know that feeling. When you're chasing a PB. I usually shout beep you bloody garmin bar steward!!! What relief when you hear it and then see you did it!!! Get in!!!! Another great chapter for your masterpiece!!! :)

  • Hahaha! GOD, I wish I could write fluent Geordie. That is one MEGA talent!

  • Jus tiep itt how it soooonz man! Eeeezzeeee peeeezeeee!!! :)

  • Thanks for that virtual run - very refreshing and not at all exhausting from behind my screen. A sub- 30 minute 5K despite cough is impressive. I'm now wondering what you look like with your lamp post. Don't be tempted to hug that lamp post, they can be mean buggers if provoked...

  • i want to see Dan do this!! :)

  • Glad to see you are on the mend Dan :) cracking good times despite the coughs etc

  • well done Dan, nearly all mended and back to ship shape! great sub 5k victory :) celebratory vino or G and T tonight ? :)

  • Wish I was this fast even on a good day - great that you are back of the towpath - hope you do the beer run next week.

    Are you back on your myAsics plan? Have started one, but not helped by a friend dragging me off to exercise classes on rest days, last night we had a track session with the running club, and cos the weather forecast tomorrow is soooo bad made myself do my 4.5 miles today which is not really following the plan.

  • Glad you're improving ! and not lost your sense of humour along the way either ...

  • Brilliant, you are really on the proper road to recovery Dan... And I'm so glad you avoided the wind drag ;)

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