Couch to 5K

Maybe all I need is a little rage??

Well folks, today I finished another 5 k race. I didn't have high hopes for this one. Since New Year's I've ran only once due to being rather ill for 10 days. And the one run I did was really, really tough. So my goal was just to run the whole 5 k today, not worry about my time.

It's been a trying couple of weeks. I had a rush job at work, which ended on Thursday with an awful, hostile meeting with my colleagues. All while sick. Not cool. One of those times that tries anyone's soul. I've been stewing over it for the past few days.

So when the race started, I was near the front (it was a small one) and I was out of the gates like a bat out of hell. The announcer had lost track of time and didn't have a chance to give us a countdown to start time, so I was off fumbling with my Garmin, trying to get my ipod clipped on and playing my tunes, all while pumping my feet much, MUCH faster than I should have been. I realized pretty quick I was going too fast, but I started to think about work and got deeper into the rage-y mode so I kept pace for a bit, until I started getting nauseous. I regained my senses and slowed down to a more normal pace, but the damage was done. I was out of my usual running zone. At about the 4 k mark I took a walking break. I was crushed, my only goal had been to run the whole thing. After a short walk I picked up the pace and managed my usual sprint finish. Forgot to shut off my Garmin at the end (for some reason I REALLY get into the sprint finishes and the brain goes out the window - the end is never pretty). Found my other half, commiserated about my walking break and waited for the results. Garmin told me I was coming in about 4 minutes past my usual race time, I wasn't thrilled.

But then the results were posted, and low and behold a personal best at 30:29!! A full 16 seconds shaved off my best time - and that's including walk break.

So the lesson learned is to get out that door when you're hopping mad and try for a fast angry run. Dual benefit - personal best and I feel much, much better.

Next goal - shaving that 29 seconds down further.

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I also find that I can run parkrun faster using a few walk breaks that I can non-stop!! I don't really know why - except for perhaps I run too conservatively when I know that I have to do the distance non-stop (which I can do) . If I run madly and then have to stop before starting up again, I seem to get better race times. I guess it all depends on what is most important to you - race times ( which really aren't all that important to me) or running non-stop (which is also not really important to me) :) In fact - I don't really know what is really important to me, except to continue running!! :)


Sounds like you've been having a pretty rubbish time with work and health so that PB must really have given you a boost. Well done you :D


Congratulations on a fab PB. What a great thing to get after such a horrible start to the new year. Hope things settle down at work very soon xx


well done runswithdogs nice to go pound the ground and a PB to boot can't be bad!


Great post that !!!! Glad you turned your ire to your advantage. I expect it's down to the adrenaline pumping as you probably re-lived your hostile meeting. The cross words coming back to you sort of thing.

Well done. Have a good rest now and try to think of more pleasant matters like your PB and what a great job you just did!


Well done! I hope you feel much better after that


A lovely post. You have done really well after sickness and your rotten meeting! Hope things calm down a bit for you now. x :-)


Fab stuff ! You turned all that crap and stress of the week on its head and came out of it on a high !

Congratulations RWD, really enjoyed reading that xxx


THat's great RWD. Nothing wrong with taking a walk break-Geoff Galloway's method is all about that and it often means you get a faster time than if you'd run continuously. Well done! Good luck with those 29 seconds. You will make it and then some!


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