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Thank you Southsea

Well it's done and dusted and ......... Wait for it........ Yep under 40 mins and it actually took me 11s to get over the start line so actually even better. All thanks to a flat run and no wind.

A great morning, lovely view of the sea, met up with another C25K member too which was great.

BUT my first and definitely last run on Tarmac. My ankle is incredibly painful and my left knee is rapidly becoming the size of a melon (and before you say anything, no that is not smaller than normal)

Back to sleep through 7 hours of my daughter competing in regional swimming champs, sorry love I'm exhausted.

Starting week 5 Monday, thanks to you all for your trendies support thus far.

Oh and finally just so you know I still hate running but am starting to warm to you horrible lot, for bullying me to do this.

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Sorry your ankle and knee are hurting and hope they recover soon. I hope you enjoy the swimming gala.


Once some more weight has come off it will be fine. Just such an amazing difference to running through the woods of my normal park run.


wahay! You got off the treadmill and the Tarmac! Off-road running is definitely where the joy is at for me; it really might be the same for you. Seems to tone up lots more muscles too, especially if you have some hills (short term pain for long term peachiness-of-bottom) and some running through long grass/heather/bracken (seems to tone my abs). Plus I always get a kronky hip on Tarmac, but not off it. I think quite soon you'll go out running and accidentally enjoy yourself, just a bit, secretly.


Yay! Well done. Not yet a graduate but effectively a Parkrun 'tourist'! Make sure you get some ice on those joints and rest fully before you run again. :)


Well done CC. Sorry to hear about the niggles and avoiding the tarmac for the moment seems like a sensible idea.


Sub 40 mins ! You did it ! Well done...enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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