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Thank you, all of you!

I just wanted to say thank you to all the lovely, encouraging people on this forum. It's great. Whenever I'm lacking motivation for my run, I come on here, I read your posts and I see you all achieving amazing things which makes me want to do it too. You all made me go for my 5k tonight in the wind and rain without even knowing. This forum is the best.

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I know what you mean. I'm on week 3 now and I haven't yet been put off by the weather. The motivation to just get out there and do it is most definitely from the posts and comments on this forum. In just a short time I'm feeling so much better about myself and thoroughly enjoying the jog/walks and the sense on achievement afterwards.


It was being on the Forum that kept me running on week 5, run 3 - wanted to tell them I had done it - great motivation


this forum is the best, I agree.nhappy Christmas everyone!


Yes, it's the best! xx


brill keep going and dont let the weather spoil your fun!!


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