It's only a fun run......but a bloomin' 6 mile one! I entered this absolutely ages ago as I did it last year and found it great. It's essentially a run along the Thames path - my old regular running route! YAY! A few C25K'ers are gonna be there - Aussie, TurboTortoise, VIcks and Helen - all fellow South West Londoners. Along the route you get water (obvs) but also small cuplets of actual real beer! Imagine such a thing.

I would love to say I could use this run as a way of getting a good time, but my recent chest infection have scuppered that plan. Still, I'm aiming for 62 minutes and if I can do that I'll be happy as a pig in shi*!

Stay tuned for a full run report tomorrow at some point.

As ever, your loyal pal


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  • Good luck to you all :)

    ( do runners also say "break a leg" or is that only actors? )

  • Hahaha! Thanks Tomas. (I think it's ONLY actors....)

  • Good luck pet!!! Look forward to reading your report. I'm sure it will be full of Danisims!! Enjoy!!!! Hoepe yu Divvint coff two mutch pet!!! :)

  • Btw it's torks heed man!!!!

  • HAHAHAHA!!! That bloody Geordie accent!!!

  • All the best Dan (and SW London friends).

    Hope the conditions are not too bad.

  • Good Luck Dan and All !

    Oh I am so pleased that you have recovered enough to do this as I know it was a bit touch and go for a while

    Have a good 'un Dan ! :-) xxx

  • Enjoy :)

  • Have a lovely run Dan, enjoy the cuplets, enjoy the company x :-)

  • I'm so so jealous, I so wish I were with you all.... Nail it Dan, you know you can...

  • Have a great day Dan! Say hi to the others for me. I hope you all get PB's!!!

    If you run down any steep hills, go steady!!!

  • Good luck today, you ok and mentally ready???

  • Absolutely. I'm dressed to kill!

  • Picture later please.... For scoring purposes ;)

  • Only if you factor in "Heat Shrinkage"......

  • 10% allowance towards score for heat shrinkage

  • Just seen this. Have a great run and say hi to everyone for me. Look after that chest of yours.

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