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Got my Westminster Mile pack and my running tee for the Olympic Park Run!!

So was getting a little worried that running the Westminster Mile on Sunday and no pack with number, happily to say that it arrived yesterday with my first chip that I attach to my shoes, all very official, my more experienced friend told me how when I finish they snip it off and if it isn't attached properly they might even cut your laces!

I also got my tee shirt for the Great Newham Run at the end of July, this is the one that goes around the Olympic Park and you finish in the stadium, soooo looking forward to following in the footsteps of Mo, but more plodding than running.

My uninformed husband took one look at the t-shirt and said it would chafe, obviously did not understand what a technical tee was and wasn't really bothered to listen to the explanation.

I hope the other forum members who are doing Sunday also got their packs, hoping for good weather and good luck to us all :-)

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Oh how exciting! I wish I lived closer to London as I'd love to do that too. Good luck to you redkelly.


Thanks Irish



I'm doing both too and Also received my WM pack and my GNR shirt in the last few days. I notice that the shirt is a very generic "Great Run" shirt.... Last years shirt was specific to the event. it was a very warm day last year and shorter at just the five miles, but it was a great day.


Hi Rob

Glad you got all your gumpf too, I am very nervous/excited, it should be fun and the weather looks like it will hold. Been working out all the train times to get to Green Park, looks like I might have to catch a train at 7.30ish, just praying there are no overruns on engineering as it's Sunday and day before Bank Holiday.

Good luck, should be fun :-)


enjoy the WM guys - weather is looking good for that and the 10k on monday!


How exciting, lucky you! Can't wait to hear your post run write up.


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