Yo dudes!

I had a busy weekend (dog film commitments) and a free bar Sunday did not bode well for my planned Monday run. As a result I had to postpone it to this morning whereby my head had cleared and my limbs worked.

I had a dental appointment at 10am and seeing as the temperature today was going to climb into the high 20's, Mrs Dan suggested I go out early. Wise words indeed, so after making a juice and drinking it in the garden whilst stroking Oscar the cat (who has decided to live outside under the wheelbarrow) I set off on my run.

Just for fun today I thought I'd try and run fast, ie. attempt to beat last saturdays parkrun time of 26'36. I felt pretty good and had enough va va voom to give it a damned good go. Off I went and knocked out the first 3K without too much trouble. I started to feel the pace on K4 as I ran across Old Deer Park and turned left towards Richmond Bridge, and my entire body felt the strain. I wasn't gonna stop though (being obstinate) so pressed on and took care not to come a cropper on the wet cobbles by The White Cross Hotel. I tried to keep my running form in good shape - imagining my legs in a circular cycle motion, always keeping my feet landing underneath my body, keeping my steps as light as possible and using my glutes to push me forwards. I find when I totally flop and relax and almost "sit back" on my bum, I seem to travel faster???!!! Weird eh?

Having negotiated the cobbles with great care, I zoomed t'ward Richmond Bridge and then almost died taking the many steps to the road above. Ugh! Once I'd reached the road I set off again and crossed the bridge before turning right back along the Thames path home.

I did manage to pick up the pace a tiny bit as I raced towards my favourite lamp post (my own personal finish line!) and once I'd reached it, almost collapsed with tiredness. Loud vocal noises exuded my body "Ugghhh! Ohhhh! Aagghhh!" as I tried to regain dignity and breathe normally.

So I didn't get that close to the parkrun time. Today was 27'09, so a good 33 seconds off which doesn't sound much, but I tried reeeeeally hard today and could not have gone faster. I suppose with parkrun the adrenaline flows more freely, there's a "tow" effect and also the mental frame of mind "I'm not gonna let people pass me"!! When you're flying solo as I was this morning, there's bound to be a difference.

The dentist was only mildly torturous (I am a massive wimp though) so not too bad really - thank God!

Until we meet again, on this thing we call "the forum"!

take care out there.



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  • Hiya Dan, glad you survived the dentist ok and well done with your run this morn- good idea to get out there early. You weren't far off your parkrun time- its always interesting this timing thing, you never can tell why one run maybe faster than another. I'm always trying to work out what makes a difference, is it hydration, weather, food, clothing- a combination??? Who knows, I do know that parkrun brings out the best in me though. I love it. x :-D

  • Yeah me too, no-excuse. You are right though - it IS hard to nail down the exact reason for times. I guess thats what makes running so interesting - all the variables!

  • That's a great time dan , one I doubt I will ever reach , but I'll keep trying . Well done & happy running

  • Sure you will Rockette. I have every faih in you!

  • Nice negative split, Dan. That's real pro stuff!

  • Cheers I.T. I sure don't feel very pro, but I'm working on it.....

  • Sounds like a good run and great time. Only ever done one park run and cannot replicate my times even if my life depended on it I think.

  • Last parkrun I had mentally prepared myself NOT to try and beat my best time. Of course after about one minute, that plan went right out the window!! There's just something about being amongst all those people.....

  • thats a fantastic time.....so now you've conquered the 10k ( yes, I realise not for this run, but generally)...you need to book the HM, and get training ( coach Juicyju is behind you with a very big stick...)

  • Oooooh Juju. HM??? That may a distance too far for my legs. Although your big stick might help.... :-)

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