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Back to forum and new shoes

Back to forum and new shoes

I started running with the c25k podcasts 2 years ago in May and graduated that August. I've been running on and off mostly on with some lapses in the winter and due to minor injuries (all the while reading but not posting on the forum). I'm back up to 30 minute runs.

It was about time for me to post again 😊. I love reading the forum. It has helped me kick my butt into gear during my lapses.

In two weeks I will be doing a 5k Run for Women in which the proceeds will be going to Women's mental health and in August I will be doing another 5k with my 16 year old son.

One thing I know for sure is that when I run I'm cheerier and less anxious. Happy running everyone and thanks for the inspiration that you've given me🏃🏼.

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hi, I think the mental health aspect of running is often an unexpected bonus of running! Good luck for your run and a worthy cause too😊


Love the new kicks! and good luck with the Women's mental health run x


Ooooh, avert your eyes new c25k'ers you are witnessing shoe porn!!

Good luck and enjoy those runs, those Brooks are too good for the IC :)


Welcome back, Lavender. Great cause to be running a race for :)

Is the colour of your new shoes a happy coincidence, or are you a purple-hues fiend?


Welcome back!!! ( drools over new shoes) x


Cor Blimey, get a load of them beauties !!!! :-)

Gorgeous , love 'em :-) xxx


It's great to be back. Always been a fan of purple since childhood in sixties💜

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