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The start of week 5!!!

So this morning I did my first ever morning run!!! Set my alarm for 5.45 but was awake and raring to go at 5!!! Had a banana and got myself ready and off I went but bloody hell it was parky!!!! Found the first 5 min section hard going trying to regulate my breathing against the cold, wiping my streaming eyes and getting my legs warmed up and after that I was fine! Does anyone else find the first few mins a slog getting into ur stride??? I did as I was told at the weekend and didn't add in any extra I just listened to Laura and was back home in half hour to wake the rest of the house up with breakfast in bed feeling very refreshed and pleased with myself!!!

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Yes, the beginning of every run is a struggle! Our bodies get shocked by the increased need for oxygen :-)


Well done for getting up so early.

I find the first 5-8 minutes hard. I go too fast and can't get my breath or too slow and my legs hurt. After about 10 minutes I feel great and can run forever (well not quite, but defiantly 5k) . I started C25K in January and I run at around 5.45 pm so it was cold for all of my runs. I had to have a bath when I got in to defrost :)

Keep going and Happy Running :) :) :)


Well done for the early start - you must be keen! Lots of people find the first 5 minutes or so quite hard - you just get used to working through it.

Nearly half way through the programme!


Thanks All! Need to think about safety now as a few of my close friends have been shocked I went out so early on my own. I had my phone and a bottle of water to knock someone out if necessary lol, but joking aside, do you take anything for safety purposes if you are running on your own??


A couple of years ago when I first started C25K, I found the first 10-15 mins of running very hard - just couldn't find my pace, breathe comfortably etc. - but after that things would normally settle down. Having restarted it in January this year after a rather long break, I'm now finding it's only the first 3 mins or so that's difficult. No idea what's changed, but it makes going for a run less of a mental challenge, that's for sure!

Safety-wise, I don't take anything other than my phone - which is in its pocket on my belt, so not much use! I make sure Mr Rainbow knows that I'm going out, and usually how long I expect to be, although I'm not convinced he'd notice I wasn't back until the next cuppa didn't appear...! ;)


Haha Rainbow Mr Slong thought I hadn't gone out that's how comatose he was!!


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