Couch to 5K

Week 3 finished!!

Well a little later than I would have liked as I had a busy weekend (lots of walking so no rest from exercise!), but I have completed week 3! So happy! This run started off quite difficult (wind against me) but I soon found my 'stride'! I even had enough left in the tank at the end that instead of the 3 minute walk at the end for the warm down I carried on running (naughty I know but I only do it on the third run of the week!). It was so nice to just run and clear my head - I can see why people do that now!

So week 4 next looks like a lot of running so a bit nervous but I'm confident I can do it!

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Well done in getting this week finished. Just follow the programme and stick to what Laura says as she is the running guru and knows everything including your sneaky extra running at the end!

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That sounds amazing. Well done. Good luck with week 4


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