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More rest, less training, better run?

Hi All—

I have returned after the stomach fiasco of 2015 which happened around May3/4, shortly after I had completed W4R2. It really sidelined me becasue even when I was better, there was residual pain and any sort of bouncy around was really uncomfortable. BUT it did clear up really well (So in awe of our body's ability to fix itself) and no recurrence.

So with close to two weeks of no runs I had NO idea what I should do re: restarting... I had no idea what to expect. Would I have lost a lot of ground? In the end I just opted to try W4R3, the next scheduled run. I just finished and it was my best run ever ever.

I realized I wasn't even thinking about running, or rather breathing....which usually occupies me. And after cool down my heart rate was soooooo much lower than it ever is after a run, despite keeping up a pretty good pace.

It makes me want to experiment a bit with longer rests, perhaps...not weeks, but maybe 3 days rather than one between runs. Perhaps some of us need a bit more time to "refuel" (my fitness goals are to improve cardio, not weight loss at all).

But I am sure if I space the runs out too far there would be some sort of loss of condition, right?

Anyone else developed an alternative schedule? I'm not in a rush to finish (but I've never had to walk or not complete a run so far).

It's so good to be back!!!

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Ha, I do love the auto generated tags sometimes. "The Runs"....well....*cough*.

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It's all about listening to your body, I guess. I found it suited my body to have 2 days rest between runs, but some people can run 4 or 5 times a week. I know they're fitter and faster than me but I'm not in competition with them (good thing too, given that I've been on the IC since February) Would I love to run every other day? Yes. Will I, when my ankle's better? No. For me, sadly, less is more, but less is so much better than none at all. :)


I am finding that rest is as important as the training. I graduated a year ago in August but recently my two biggest improvements in time have come after a longer rest than usual.


I have my best runs after a few days off. I think as long as you run regularly you won't lose condition. Everyone's body is different - there are some lucky people who post on here who can run 4 or 5 times a week without any ill effects, but I know that would be disastrous for me!


Pleased to see you're back! Sorry to hear about your being ill though. I hope you're well over it now.

Nothing wrong with having extra day's rest at all. IN fact I think it would be a boon and we should all consider it, especially those with niggly hips, ankles, knees or all three!

Finishing the sessions is all-important, and taking your time over it, seems a good plan. Slow but sure gets you round

Good luck with it. Keep us posted


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