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Learning about how I run

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Hi everyone

Since starting running over a month ago, I’ve been stuck on the injury couch after an overzealous sprint at the end of a week 2 run. Took myself off to the local university sports physio and found out that I have weak hips, tight tendon in the left knee, bit of a it band issue in the right leg, weak glutes etc. I then had weeks of excercises and physio with a running ban in place. At last I had a shot on the treadmill yesterday which the physio analysed. Apparently my stride length is ok but I heel strike ( which he said was fine) and I have a tendency for my left leg to come in closer to right at times rather than even alignment. He reckons this is common and we can work on correcting it. He has advised that I get some stability running shoes. Did a bit of research last night and now I’m more confused than ever. Is it ok to heel strike if you have an issue with knees? I was also reading that stability shoes make people heel strike more. Btw I really enjoyed the run after all these weeks even if it was only for a couple of minutes. Reading your posts really helped to keep me motivated so thanks!


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Glad to hear you are heading back towards running.

I would not dream of arguing with your physio, but if you do a search for heelstriking on the net then I believe you will find an overwhelming weight of opinion that it should be avoided, if possible, owing to the fact that it causes more jarring of joints and bones than mid or forefoot strike.

If you have knee issues a heelstrike is more likely to exacerbate it.

As for shoes, in your situation, I would still go to a specialist running shop, not a discount sportswear shed, have a gait analysis and follow their advice. They are the experts on the shoes they sell.

Confused?.................you are not the only one.

Thanks, that’s what I thought after the brief research that I did. I’m back at physio in two weeks and will discuss it with him. I’m guessing it might be quite tricky to change from heel strike but I don’t want to have ongoing problems with my knees and am prepared to try.

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IannodaTruffeMentor in reply to Skelly23

You note I did not say that you should try to change your footstrike. That can cause problems too.

Your physio is the best one to advise you and I would be interested to hear what he says, even if it contradicts everything I have said. He is the professional.

Yes thanks thats a good point. Found this Guardian article which was reassuring. theguardian.com/lifeandstyl...

Think I need to focus on going slow and more gently than i do.

Appreciate your help!

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TheziggyGraduate in reply to Skelly23

"Think I need to focus on going slow and more gently than i do."

That is a great idea! I think it will help you. Keep us informed please. 8-)

Thanks for the encouragement. Yes I will update you all

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