W9R1=Race for Life

My first attempt at running for 30mins/5k and WOW what an experience! The weather was pretty awful and as we did the warm up 'exercises', the lady on the stage kept asking " Are you warm yet?" and the crowd shouted back "NO"!!

My daughter and I positioned ourselves towards the rear of the 'jogging' section but there were a lot of walkers ahead of us. The path was not very wide and very muddy with lots of large puddles so it was a bit difficult at times to negotiate the walkers. Whilst it was a bit frustrating, it meant the pace was quite slow which was to my advantage!

Just after the 4k marker, there was a slight incline and by the time I got to the top, I had no puff left and started to walk but my watch told me I had already been running for 37mins! Spurred on by my daughter, after about 50yards I started running again.

We crossed the finish line holding hands, soaking wet, very muddy and grinning like idiots!!

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  • Brilliant way to celebrate reaching week 9. Well done!

  • Thanks Ully! Might need to take a few rest days before the next run-I can hardly walk! It was great though!!

  • Well done ๐Ÿ˜„

  • Thanks!

  • That's great and not at all a bad time for a 5k. What an achievement !

  • Well done BILMC. 2 to go.

  • Brilliant! Isn't it a great feeling to cross that finish line? Well done :-)

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