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Bit of a shorter one than my last post!

My housemate wants us to sign up to the Cardiff half-marathon in October, and after running 4.8km in 25 minutes (w6r3) last week I was initially very much up for it.

However, my diet now consists of 70% beans on toast and pasta (hasn't changed much since Uni). I'm a bit concerned without somewhat drastically changing what I eat it just isn't a good idea to put my body through the necessary training required for running 21.7km let alone the actual run. There's a big difference between the energy needed for 5km vs 21.7 and I'm not sure it's even worth trying the 10k.

Any views at all would be much appreciated, thanks.


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  • Sign up for the race and learn lots of new recipes? Cooking is a total joy and really doesn't need to take ages to be healthy and delicious.

  • Go for it Mike!

    Healthy eating doesn't have to be difficult and you will feel the benefit.

  • Improving your diet is a good thing to do in and of itself but even your current intake should not be an obstacle to you signing up (and doing) a Half Marathon.

    Your body stores 'energy' in the form of glycogen and unless you are very underweight you have sufficient quantities to run 21K.

  • Just seen Lloyds are giving away 100 tickets for the Cardiff half on Facebook. I'd ask if you would kindly nominate me but I think we'd need to be Facebook friends so ne'er mind :/

  • sign up definitely, your dietary repertoire needs addressing, join our FB group B25K fuel to run...sorted :)

  • Can't find a FB group with that name?

  • Try BC25k fuel to run

  • facebook.com/search/results... see if you get the same result I did - zip?

  • I can add you if I knew your name!

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