What running and NHS weight loss plan does ...pics attached so watch out!! :-)

What running and NHS weight loss plan does ...pics attached so watch out!! :-)

I started running in Jan this year started doing C25K. Built up and graduated April. I've lost two stones in weight to date. Still got a bit to go to get to my target weight but I'm feeling much better for it and enjoying getting out there all weathers running and plodding.... so pics are before and second pic taken today... Happy running and keep it up everyone! :-) Excuze the grin in first pic! It was after some copious amounts of wine taken last summer. Hick!! :-D

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21 Replies

  • Fantastic achievement and looking good ;)

  • Oh well done lizzy! It's a great feeling isn't it! I felt a huge relief when I ditched the lard as it is such a burden to keep carting it round isn't it. There's no going back, and running will help you keep it off. You must be very proud

  • Wow, fantastic achievement, well done you and keep it up x

  • Whoop whoop! Looking fantastic! :-)

  • Need to take a leaf out of your book, not lost a jot yet! Well done :)

  • Be proud you deserve it Looking good girl

  • Well done, and lovely photos! Always nice to put a face to a name on here.

  • yay! you're doing so well in such a short time, the photos look great, the drunken grin made me chuckle! well done :)

  • Congratulations! Looking good... you can tell how proud you are in your after shot and rightly so! Happy running!

  • Woweeeee!!!!

  • Hello *waves* so nice to see you :) you look great & what an amazing achievement. Keep on running ...

  • Have you had friends/neighbours/relatives who know you well express alarm at your weigh loss - and say things like " I think you should see your Doctor" or "Now don't go silly and lose too much! ;, etc??

  • Yes! Ny dad was sying that I need to be careful. Even telling me what to eat, not to run too much because it's dangerous for my health. Bad for my bones. My sis is running too sometimes, think she's competing with me even though she doesn't need to lose weight. It's funny to see how people react. Some people are positive though.

  • Brilliant! Well done. Your "after" face says it all!

    You look fabulous .

  • Thank you for these lovely replies. I dread putting photo's of me on forums. It makes me look like I'm vain but I'm not like that at all. Just glad that the weight is finally coming off! :-)

  • Wow! Fantastic - well done, you're looking amazing :D Very inspiring.

  • Not lost anything since I started but I think it's cos I'm still not beating healthily ALL the time. However my body feels diff and clothes feel better to wear. Well done. Pics look great

  • It does come slowly -- but I think what happens is that firstly your body replaces fat with muscle . This means that you start to tighten up, loose inches around the waste and elsewhere but no weight loss. This seems to plateau out for quite a while - and then it starts to fall off. I lost a few Kg's and then stopped - the more I ran, the more my weight stayed the same -- but it has started falling now. I have lost around 4Kgs in the last 4 months -- BUT 7 inches around my waist!!! My friends are all commenting - some worrying that I am sick and not telling them!!

  • Well done!

  • Fantastic stuff! Well done you!! Maybe some day that will be me instead of me continuously boasting about being 4 stone over weight! :-) x

  • Both pics are lovely. The first js such a happy one and makes me smile too but you are obviously more of a healthy weight now so that's another smile from me. You give hope to many people with these pics as you have lost so much weight.

    Well done on making such an advantageous decision to doing something about your lifestyle as so many people moan but never actually do.

    Congratulations Thinlizzy xxx

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