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What next?

I am about to finish the program, but I'm not convinced that I'm running 5k. The lovely Sarah Millican has been encouraging me to speed up a bit ( no pressure) but my routes are hilly and I can't do more than a jog uphill, and am cautious going down. Can anyone recommend an app that will measure distance? I know they exist but I wondered if anyone can recommend for accuracy.

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There is a guide written just for you healthunlocked.com/couchto5...…….what-next

Keep running keep smiling.


Thanks for the above but an app for distance?


strava is a good one and there is a c25k group on there, also mapmyrun will measure the distance/time you're running


Someone recommend mapmyrun some time ago, but I couldn't remember the name, so thanks. I'll also take up the advice of starting c25k again but with faster running in place of the run and my usual jog in place of the walk. That should build me up slowly and stick to 30 mins.


I use Runkeeper as a tracker, but Strava and MapMyRun are good, too.

As for what's next, it's up to what you want to accomplish. Getting comfortable with 5k? Adding more distance? Working on speed? All three?

The plan to revisit early weeks with running/jogging instead of jogging/walking can really help build speed. For distance, there are a number of other plans out there to work on endurance--or you could just add another few minutes (or another .5 k) onto a long run when you're comfortable. Figure out what you love about running, and focus on that!


Thanks for the reply. It's made me think about what I want to achieve and the first thing is to make sure I'm running 5k as that was my original goal. I can jog for 30mins and I'd like to be certain that I'm covering the distance too. I don't want to give up on Sarah Millican and the program either, as I find the half-way bell reassuring and the 'last five minutes ' instruction good too as I can speed up a bit then without the concern that I'll peak too early.


The good thing about any of the running apps is that in addition to tracking your run, they can update you on your progress in whatever way you choose (every 5 minutes, .5k, whatever) so you're not running blind. It's always lovely hearing that you're at 4.5k, with xx minutes elapsed, so you can dig in for that last half!


That sounds brilliant. I'm not ready to ditch the commentary.


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