Wk8 R1 - what's going on??

Right. I've just done R1 of Wk 8. I was Lauraless (sorry Laura) and decided to just run with my Garmin around a very sunny (and bloody hilly) Chatsworth estate and into Baslow village.

I decided my biggest problem is that I keep checking how long I've run for (or being told by Laura) and thinking 'God is that all!'. So I decided that I'd just run and not look at my watch. It's new territory so I wouldn't guess the time and I decided I wouldn't look until I felt I was getting too tired to carry on.

My Garmin said 28 minutes, 32 seconds.

This can't be right - 8 weeks ago I was posting that I was nervous about running for 1 minute.

For any newbies doubting their chances.......it works!! Do it!!

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  • Wow! What a fantastic run for you. I did a new route yesterday and found that helped me. Yep, the program definitely works. Keep it up - you're 1 run ahead of me and nearly there!

  • I think new routes definitely work. Week 8 eh....aren't we clever :-) :-)

  • I need to mix up my routes as I have fou d that I can tell how long I have been running just by where I am. Its either that or run with my eyes closed :)

    Congrats on the programme. That shiney badge is almost within touching distance

  • It definitely works, although I'm lucky that I get somewhere new to run every week as I work away. To think I used to stress about where I'd run when I went somewhere new. This running lark really widens your horizons!

  • Fab post Sazz ! This programme is amazing and so are you xxx

    Great that you have the opportunity to have lots of new routes , that really helps I think .

    Keep going ! You're doing great :-) xxx

  • Oh thanks you PP - you always say the loveliest things.

    This forum is brilliant. I'm not sure I'd have ever got started without all the support and encouragement I've had on here. When I couldn't run last week and couldn't get online either I felt a bit lost, so it's brilliant that my last two runs have been so enjoyable. Unbelievable that I'm on schedule to Graduate in a week or so!

    I can't wait to be running 10K with you and having tea and cake afterwards :-D :-D xxxx

  • Oh yes May 2016 - definite !

    We will cross the finishing line together , arms aloft and no Lanky the Giraffe hopefully ha ha :-) xxx

  • Great run Sazzle. Nearly there and this programme has helped so many people get to the magic 30 mins. Maybe have to change your name to Sizzle on graduation ;-)

  • Oooh I like that!! Thanks GettingFitter :-)

  • Great job well done!!

  • Thanks Mat :-)

  • No cake to ogle today?

    Well done. More than half of these challenges are in the head and not fretting about how much time is left is a good strategy, I think.

  • Definitely Dunder - I'm sticking to it! :-)

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