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Wk8 R1 - Was it Placido, the porridge or the mantra?!


Well, after a couple of difficult runs I completed Wk 7 without stopping on Weds. and Wk 8 Run 1 today!

I've ditched Laura I'm afraid as I began to feel that it was the choice of music and even more, waiting for the timings that was part of my problem.

So, I put together an opera selection! Longer tracks with music I can get lost in and don't find myself counting the minutes. It's worked for the last two runs - 28 mins for my final Wk7 and today...33mins!! I just kept going until the Fat Lady finished (well, Placido Domingo actually...). According to Mapmyrun I covered 4.94k, but I'd be stunned if I really did that distance! That's where my Garmin will be so welcome.

I also had a bowl of porridge instead of my usual cornflakes this morning as it's turned so cold here. Maybe the slow release carbohydrate gave me a bit of a boost.

But it could also be due to my new mantra! I do believe that positive affirmations can change a mind-set, so I've been repeating "I am a runner. I always run for 30 minutes" for the last few days, and especially when the going was tough today, it really seemed to give me the extra something that I needed. I just hope that R2 on Sunday will go as well!

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Wow well done, I do have to say I have only run to my music once and the it certainly did help make the run go faster. I suspect the porridge may have helped too. You will be graduating with a 5K in 30 mins at this rate fantastic and good luck in your next run :-)


Fan-flipping-tastic! LOVE the mantra. Well done :)

Definitely the porridge. Can't beat something hot in the morning ;-)


combination. Clearly you are determined and focused and that is paying off. I think having music you can really enjoy helps enormously too, whether you are running to the beat or just away with the fairies 'in the zone' it can help you to just get on with it :-)

You are doing great guns, you could do 5K in 30 minutes by the time you graduate if you keep it up :-D


Superb, Dottie!! Maybe it was just time for you to find your own way without Laura! After all, your mantra, "I am a runner." isn't just a mantra...it is so much more. IT IS A FACT!!!!

Keep Running!! :-)


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