What a disappointment I am!

This morning was the day I was officially back on the road, meaning I could continue my C25K properly. I was soooo hyped up all week! But someone, up in the sky, decided to teach me a lesson (as I had managed, contrary to surgeon's order, to sneak in three shuffle/runs last week in preparation for today).

Friday, the weather man told us we were having a storm over the weekend. 90 mm of rain they said. (The farmers will be happy). So anyway, I tidied up the garden, removed loose items, stack up furniture and closed the deck louvres in readiness for it. I told myself, the storm will probably hit during the morning so I will be ok at 6am for my run. Not so. It came early. Friday evening was warmish and calm (calm before the storm, as they say) then it hit in the middle of the night. When I got up at 5am, the rain was still horizontal. By 6am it was just as bad. No way would I go out, let alone Run. The dog went out for 60 seconds to his spot to lift his leg then back inside, up the stairs and on his night bed. It is 10am and he is still sleeping. The gas cut off, and we can't start it up, so no hot water.

You guys in the UK may be used to storm but I am not. I usually hibernate. I don't want to get my hair wet 😆 so there, I have said it! Actually it is not just the rain but the wind. It is like swimming with an elastic band holding you back! Obviously, contrary to what Laura said, I am not a runner or I would have been out. I am a chicken, a mollycoddled chicken.

Oh well, see what happens. There is always another day. I am in my jammies on a comfy reclining chair by the window, nice and cosy, reading the posts on this forum. I may just have a nice cup of tea.

Enjoy your spring season over there. And Anneke in Victoria, our W.A. storms usually take about two to three days to go across the nullabor so you will get it eventually. Sorry!


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17 Replies

  • crikey nhs2015 90cm of rain! You'd be better off rowing than running ... personally think you made the wise "choice" to pj up. A disappointment though? I really don't think so give me your mollycoddled approach given your scenario any day :-)

  • 😀

  • Wowzers it defo sounds like you made the right choice there! I enjoy running in the rain & am used to the wind but not to the extent you're describing! I'd absolutely be in my jammies!! ☺

  • Yes, most definitely a good choice. C25k is a running programme not a swimming programme. Keep dry and stay safe, the road will still be there when the rain stops.

  • 🏊

  • Hey...don't feel bad, we all have our absolute no-no's when it comes to running. Mine is dark+ rain, I just really struggle. And it's important to feel good about yourself, and as you can see I gave up on my hair years ago! the weather will clear and you will eventually go out, stay safe and don't fel bad :)

  • ☕️

  • Shift up on the couch and pass the tea - got any biscuits? :D There's a big difference between running and being blown along in driving rain by strong winds. If you had gone out you would have cheated - you would have had the best time on the forum - 5K in five minutes :-)

    I hope the weather's cheered up now.

  • Love it!

  • I think dogs are a great barometer - if they won't go out no one should......and wet hair is not a good look :-D

    No disappointment here, you'll be out when conditions are more conducive

    Milk no sugar please. I'll bring cake

  • Don't blame you for staying in! I know it's frustrating but running is there for the rest of your life - what's a day or two?

  • You are right there. And it is quite nice and cosy in here ☕️

  • Enjoy the extra rest! If the dog doesn't want to go out that speaks volumes! :D

  • I'm with everyone else, there is just weather that you shouldn't go out in. Wind and rain is one of mine. Just rain I'm ok but went it gets blowy as well that me out. There will be other runs and an extra days rest will only do you more good not harm. So enjoy the rest and the cuppa, it is all part of being ready for your next run.

  • I've never been out in the rain (mainly because either it did not rain on my running days or it was bucketing down!). So you've got my full sympathy! Enjoy the tea and biscuits.

  • Actually it is 90millimetres not centimetres. Something like that anyway.

    Ps: news just said 10.8mm over 12 hours. Winds over 90km per hours so yes I could have made the run in no time and be a winner!!!

  • Better but still not good :-)

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