Been sent the wrong race photos - Pah ! :-(

Evenin ' all ! (Bends knees in a Dixon of Dock Green stylee )

I received an email from Great Run saying that my GMR photos are available to view.

I clicked on the link and there it was in all its glory - A purple faced Oompa Lumpa !

There must be some mistake ! That can't be me surely ?

Not to worry , in my mind I am still a gazelle moving with the speed of light through the streets of Manchester ! :-D :-D :-D xxxx


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33 Replies

  • What? So they sent you a photo of me?! I'm a purple ooompa lumpa!!!! 😊 xx

  • Ha ha , you give 'em just one job to do -Pah ! Xxx

  • Definitely the wrong photos. You were the one who ran like the wind, with your hair streaming out behind you, muscles rippling and feet pounding the road with rhythmic grace, weren't you? ;) xxx

  • Yep ! That's me ! How could they get it soooo wrong ? :-D xxxx

  • I thought you were the one i saw with perfect pacing, a bounce in your step, springing along like a newborn lamb full of the joys of spring ! 😊👟🐑😆

    ps im like that with my parkrun photos every week! PAH! 😕

  • Ha ha , how do they get it so wrong ? :-) xxx

  • Hee hee hee!

    I thought you were going to say someone had arf-inched your race number!!

    I think you need to share the pics, so we can either vote Oompa or vote Gazelle


  • Ha ha , think I will give that one a miss Allie ! I'm thinking of putting one on the mantlepiece to keep the kids away from the fire ! :-) xxx

  • Hey, you got my photos! On no wait a minute I was the wobbling duck!

    Very well done by the way x

  • Thankyou ! It could have been worse , I could have got the ones of my nemesis - Lanky the Giraffe !

    Next year Lanky, next year :-) xxx

  • Love it PP. Hope you got your money back. Maybe someone got your gazelle like photo and is living in a land of make believe ;-)

  • Ha ha ! Yep G , very true :-) xxx

  • These race photography companies are a right liability I tell'ee. I typed my bib number into the search box of a recent race and it brought up pictures of Gerry Adams dancing a hornpipe. Was disappointed.

  • Err I think that was me Rig :-) xxx

  • My last race photos contained images of a shuffling, lopsided elbow stickerer-outerer, frowny old dear and not the sleek, sprinting, fresh faced runner that I obviously am! And, to add insult to injury, not a single thumbs aloft in sight so it *obviously* wasn't me ;)

    Damn photo companies, I reckon they reverse airbrush them to keep us on our toes!

    Have you found one of the giraffe to throw darts at?

  • Ha ha, definitely wasnt you if there wasnt that legendary thumbs up ha ha :-)

    I havent managed to track the giraffe ones down yet, I think he flew out on the first flight to Kenya after the run :-D xxx

  • I don't understand how these photography companies are still in business when pretty much EVERYONE gets the wrong pictures.

    I am sure you will get the right ones next year pops.

  • I know Dunder, shoddy eh ?

    I will probably get the giraffes ! :-D xxx

  • Brilliant! Yes it's funny how the race photographers photoshop us to make us look NOT like the gazelles we really are...

    Hmm. I have Photoshop, now there's an idea...

    *runs off to do some creative splicing of pics of Poppypug and Florence Kiplagat*

  • Ha ha ! Perfect ! :-) xxx

  • Hehe at least it wasn't a giraffe. I looked at my photos talk about a bad hair day. I I took my baseball cap off because I was too hot and my hair just looked wild and unkempt.

  • Ha ha , I looked like I had crawled through a flippin' hedge backwards and then dipped in purple gloss ! :-) xxx

  • I just checked out my race photos from the weekend. Action shots 😨

  • Great to lift your spirits this forum. Always guaranteed a laugh. Happy running everyone.

  • Morning Buffers !

    Yup , Certainly is !

    Happy Running to you too :-) xxx

  • lets see them then...I bet you anything not as bad as you

  • Ha ha , I bet you anything they are ! :-) xxx

  • I'm sure mine were wrong as well - and all of them taken in front of Old Trafford - bleurgh!

    I was trying to keep an eye out for the photographers all the way around so I could strike a pose haha :D and didn't spot any!

  • Ha ha, a coupla mine are in front of Old Trafford , I don't even remember running past it :-)

    I think I saw a photographer near the Imperial War Museum , but I was too knackered by then to even raise a smile :-D xxx

  • Oompa Loopas are very cool, actually. I'm delighted to know one - that's one more thing I can cross off my bucket list. The next person I want to meet is Kermit's nephew.

  • He's halfway up the stairs, not at the bottom ,not at the top Tee hee :-)

    Mornin' M, Its Friday, the sun is shining, the birds are singing their little nuts off , and all is well at Chez Pug :-)

    Yeeeee - ahhhh !

    Have a good day. my gorgeous girl xxx

  • Hey up, beautiful :D That's one of my favourite songs - I sing it in traffic jams to stop getting bored. You are lucky having sun - it's all cloudy here. Oh well, got to get some work done anyway so it's probably better not to have any temptation to go out for a run :) You have a lovely day too canoeing down those chocolate rivers.

  • You too, catch ya later :-) xxx

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