Photos through for the ten miler!

Photos through for the ten miler!

And in none of them do I look as though I'm enjoying myself quite as much as I thought I was! I think you can see the imaginary kite I'm towing along though. That's obviously what I'm focusing so hard on! I also didn't realise quite how visible the supports for my ancient joints would be. But please notice that although I have two dodgy ankles and an ASL replacement I DO have one good knee!

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23 Replies

  • Looking brilliant, turnturtle! You look like someone going strong with loads of determination. Great picture!

    And as for the supports... I saw some runners with more tape than skin in the starting pen. I think some people put it on just because they think it looks cool. Yours is very discreet, and you should be proud of running 10 miles even when needing the support.

  • Maybe I'll put more tape on next time Tomas so I will look more heroic!

  • Thays a great shot, a very determined look! And if your run number had 1 more digit it would be my birthday date -10.10.70! I always seem to look at numbers and build some significance in but that's pretty close! Hope you are recovering well and still beaming! ! :)

  • Ah TT, what a look of grim determination on your face there! Definitely got your best knee forward. So glad you enjoyed it - ten miles is a terrific distance!

  • Fab photo TT. It shows your determination and your great arm movement!

  • You look fine! as long as you feel like your enjoying it inside that's all that matters! Well done you!

  • Well I'd be proud of that photo TT, not sure I could do 10 miles, you look fantastic, and don't you think otherwise!


  • You look fantastic! Fabulous picture TT! :) xx

  • Lookin' good TT. Determination on the face but a good posture.

  • Great photo, TT! It really does show the hard work and effort you're throwing into it! Definitely a photo to be proud of!

  • Excellent action shot there TT, focused, strong, great posture and determined ....

    Well done ! xxx

  • Awwww thanks everybody. I'm flattered by your comments. I do look quite desperate in some of the others, but didn't feel desperate at all. I actually went out for a little recovery jog yesterday. Couldn't help myself! How about everyone else who raced last weekend?

  • Looking really good!

  • Great photo TT, you look like a woman with a mission! Pops is right too, you've got great posture! :)

  • Oh thanks AM . I just noticed that my arms are swinging across my body though. Must correct that. You C25Kers are such great (and cheap) personal trainers...

  • Great pic TT.

    You look amazing.

    Congratulations and well done on what is a fab achievement


  • Thanks Dunnja. I feel I am inhabiting another body these days! Life obviously begins at 65!

  • Great photo TT. You look tough as nails, full of grit and determination.

  • Thanks rwd. I think this was on the last uphill 1K when I knew I was on course for sub two hours, hence the lack of posing for the camera!

  • No doubting you are going to finish that race!!

  • Fantastic form! I'd be very proud of that photo ☺

  • Yes! I can see that kite! You know, I think of you every time I run and feel myself're looking great like a proper runner should!

    Do those knee supports help?

  • I think they do CG. Which is the important thing! I have an Active 650 neoprene support I bought from Amazon and as the ad says it doesn't ride up o dig in and you forget you have it there but for me it just makes my acl replacement knee feel more stable. I also have an Active 650 ankle support fo what I think of as my weak ankle, (liable to turn over and sprain given half a chance ) and another more serious strapping support I bought in New Zealand from a chemist when I did actually sprain my ankle. They have almost becme my lucky runnng charms now and I would panic If i forgot term, but who knows whether they actually do any good? It could just be luck that my joints haven't given me trouble since I started wearing them.

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