I'm getting younger!

I'm getting younger!

I've decided to stop the clock, a bit like challenge anneka (for those who remember her!). I'm feeling better about everything, and I'm feeling fitter. This running is turning back the hands of time I reckon. I can't quite believe the difference it's making to me. Those of you who have been around from the beginning of my journey know I started this to help me get over the loss of my dad. It was somewhere to park my frustration and anger etc. but now it has a different remit.... I've decided it's my midlife crisis! I'm turning 40 at the end of the year, and Im going to be absolutely fabulous at 40..... It's the new 20 don't you know! I'm on another endorphin rush this morning so do excuse the blathering.....but look where I ran today, how can I not be happy??? think I may be a running addict now!!πŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜œ


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  • Beautiful - i am jealous! I agree though - it's amazing what difference it makes. There's a definite "This girl can" vibe in the air... (and guys too of course)

  • 40s were so much better than 30s for me, but 50s have just started and I've got a very good feeling about them too! Basically, getting older rocks on so many levels (memory loss and hot sweats excluded!). Getting kids past total-pain-in-the-arse stage helps, and being able to go out without having to find a babysitter (not that I ever do, I just like the fact that I could if I wanted to!), also not being envious of young people, just thinking thank goodness I don't have to do all that any more ...

    Your post gives newbies here another few reasons to persevere with the troublesome niggles in the early weeks. If you're doing it right, running becomes something you can't live without, and the benefits are immeasurable.

    Great post, Sparky. Nice view too :)

  • Beautiful run! if 40 Is the new 20, what's 60(+) :-)

  • Well if we keep getting younger does that make you nearer 15!!! Xx

  • Great post! I totally agree. What a beautiful place!!

  • Great post and lovely pic very similar to my run this morning if i can fathom out how to post one i will put a pic up next time ☺

  • What a lovely setting, that just makes me what to put on my trainers and get out there.

    Maybe that should be the advert for running, it makes you younger.

  • Good for you Sparky. That looks luvverly.

  • Lovely place to run! That view would inspire me!!!! Good for you Sparks. Age is but a number. I feel better than I ever did. Well, maybe not today .....

    I'll get me coat ...

  • Great post - I totally empathise with you. I'm closer to the end of my 50s than the beginning, but I feel more alive and full of energy than I have for years and years!

  • I agree the 40s are a really good time - enjoy. 50s pretty good too, at least once you are the other side of the menopause.

  • That looks wonderful. I'm actually rather enjoying the start of my sixties 😊

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