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Moving on to week 3?

Just a silly question really.. I repeated week 1 four times until i could run it comfortably which i now know i should have just moved on. DOH! i completed W2R3 yesterday but i was really breathless on the last run and really struggled to make it to the 1.5min Jog, Im not over weight 9.5stone 5ft 8 just unfit i guess.. Just a bit worried about 3 MINS :0 I know i cant do it..I know i can just about do 1.5mins..but how will i know unless i try? I might repeat week 2 or is this something you guys think is wise? at this rate couch 2 5k is going to take me 3 years.. ha ha!

Happy Monday :) x

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I'm in two minds on this one. On balance, I'd say trust in the programme and move on to week 3. You will be surprised how well you will be able to cope.


I think il move on to week 3, bite the bullet :) and if i fail miserably on run 1, do week 2 again :) thank you


Don't fret - it always feels hard but the programme builds you up at a pace that you can cope with. I say move on to week 3 . If you can't manage the run then no shame in repeating it, but it think you may surprise yourself!

Just take it really slowly - the object is to keep moving for the time, not to cover great distances.

Good luck. Let us know how it goes.


Thanks so much, and the thing is i really love it.. My body dons't when I'm doing it. but i no it will thank me eventually :) thanks for the inspiration :) I couldn't run 10seconds the first run :) so always getting better.

Thanks again


It truly is a fantastic programme. For ages I never really enjoyed the running but loved the sense of achievement afterwards. Now I really enjoy the running - I'm not fast but I am out there running 5k three times a week - and I'm 60 - and quite a bit heavier than you! You can do this!


Thank you so much Ullyrunner, truly inspirational and well done you :D


I can understand your concern and I am at roughly the same level weeks wise (a tad heavier mind, I think my left left weighs about 9.5stone hahahaha). My advise would be move on and if you can't manage it, stop and walk for a bit. Don't repeat week 2 that is complete and behind you, if you have to repeat week 3 a couple of times then so be it. I just managed W3R1 but only just, I wasn't expecting to, so you might surprise yourself too.

Go on, give it a go.


Agree with the comments so far and think you should move on to Week 3.

Just take it nice and slow to avoid getting out of breath.


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