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Week 2 done!

Well I did week 2 run 3 yesterday! It was tough, my legs ached and felt really heavy until run 3 (I think I must be warming up wrong as this happens every time!). I didn't enjoy it as much as W2R2 but I did it! :)

I'm looking forward to week 3, although a little worried that I won't be able to double the running time. Don't know what I'm going to be like in the later weeks!!! I mean it's only 3 minutes right?! The length of a song almost! Must update playlist to get some more motivational songs on! Anyone recommend any?!

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Well done on W2R3. I did W3R1 yesterday and even though I'm a C25K grad, having not run for two years and returning to the beginning meant I too was intimidated by running for 3 minutes. But I got through it. The trick is always to take Laura's advice and pace yourself, especially the first time you do a new interval. Good luck and keep up the great running :)

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I'm sure you'll be fine! The programme is testing, but achievable. Just take it slow and you can do it.

Don't worry with a warm up yet, the walking is fine. Try doing some stretches afterwards though and see if that helps.

I stuck with Laura through to week 9 before changing my music. Then I missed her! :-)

Good luck with next week.

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5 seconds of summer- Don't stop

this song keeps me going x


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