Couch to 5K

First run complete!

I have had the Couch to 5K app for about 2 months and have been trying to motivate myself to start, always coming up with excuses. But this morning I suddenly felt determined to do it! I am doing The Color Run in London on 7th June and I want to be able to run at least some of it. If anyone has any advice to help keep me going with this that would be great. I am pretty proud of myself for actually starting.

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Every journey starts with a first step... well done for making it happen. (Cheesy intro done & dusted.) Only advice I have is not to intimidate yourself by looking too far forward, have faith in yourself and the great guru Laura, and most of all, enjoy it. Pat yourself on the back every time you get out there and tackle another run. Before you know it you'll be graduating and hooked on running!


Thank you - I really hope so. I felt great after it and having Laura really helps. I think being on here will help me too :)

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This place is amazing - a real treasure trove for motivation :-)


Well done for starting Josie.

Stick with the programme and you should be up for running a fair bit of the colour run.

Good luck.


Thank you!! Fingers crossed that I will be able to run some of the Colour Run :)


Hi Josieee, fantastic you got out and did it! My first day of C25k was actually pretty emotional, just because I'd managed to get out and do it! Sounds daft I know!

Advice - don't think about speed, don't think about distance, don't think about anyone else - just listen to Laura and do what she says. Take your rest days. If you don't fancy a run, put your gear on and just get out the house - once you are out, you'll want to do it, sometimes you just need to give yourself a gentle nudge out the door!! ;) Just do it....!

You'll soon get addicted to the feeling of achievement, I couldn't run the length of myself when I started at the end of October, next weekend I'll be running my first race, a 10K! Most of all try and enjoy it, don't put too much pressure on yourself and remind yourself how good exercise is for your health and self esteem! Good luck and well done for getting started - keep us posted! :)


It doesn't sound daft because it's exactly the same as me! I just went and read your first post. It's a motivator because you're getting ready for a 10K which is incredible!

I think having Laura really will help me and I really need to stick to it - it sounds sad but I'm looking forward to my next run :) I will definitely keep you posted! Good luck with next weekend - let us know how you get on :) Thank you for your advice.


It doesn't sound sad at all - we've all been there. I loved the feeling of proving myself wrong with every run, my mind would be telling me, no won't manage this one and I did! It's a fantastic feeling! I hadn't run since circa 1998 lol, so it was very new to me. Just remind yourself you CAN do it and enjoy it! Thanks for good wishes, doing my last 10K practice run tomorrow, then one more run before the race!

I wish you all the best with this amazing C25K journey and post on here as it's a fantastic and supportive forum!! :) x


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