Today's Parkrun

Please excuse me bouncing around and being excited.

So far on the 5x50 Challenge, I've run each day except for yesterday when I did my 5k on the cross trainer to give my ankles a bit of a rest.

I'd planned to attempt the local Parkrun today but so nearly didn't bother as I woke up feeling decidedly under the weather (I suspect I had Wine Flu !). It was a lovely day though so I forced myself out. I couldn't face food so just had a cup of tea and some fruit juice for brekkie.

I was still feeling a bit queasy at the start but when we set off, my friend pointed out that we had probably started too quickly so I tried to back off a bit. I can't say it was an easy run and I did have a brief walk after the second hill but I was so excited to find that, after a brief sprint at the end, I had beaten my previous time by 2 minutes 21 seconds !

I'm really surprised and very pleased - I'd always intended to just take it easy so I feel ok for a longer run with friends tomorrow morning and to allow for having had a more energetic week than usual. Clearly, the training sessions at running club have paid off.

My target is to beat 30 minutes. My last time was 34:35, todays time was 32:14 - I'd like to think I could smash the 30m target by the end of the year.

One thing that I think helped was that I wore new socks with extra achilles tendon support - I was amazed at how well they seemed to work, after literally weeks of sore and painful achilles tendons. I'll be treating myself to another pair - they're brilliant !

I'm going to go and bounce around excitedly again now - all the way to the pub for lunch ! :-)


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25 Replies

  • Haha you most certainly deserve that pub lunch, well done you. Smashing time too, thats a heck of a lot to knock off your last PB, at this rate you'll be sub30 well within the year. I would put a bet on that you make it by end September and thats without my chrystal ball!!!! :)

  • End of September ? I shall do my very best !

  • Wow, -2:21 min! That's amazing, go you! :)

  • Thank you - it's certainly given my motivation a boost !

  • Fantastic Hazel! That's a big time knocked off, no wonder you are bouncing around :) Congratulations! The socks look good; great that they helped. Loving the reference to Wine Flu too; that's one phrase I will have to use in the future : D

    Enjoy your lunch!


  • Wine flu is best treated by having a nice bacon and egg butty :-)

  • Congratulations, that is such a great time and what a reduction in your PB. Well done !

  • Fantastic!!!!!!

  • Well done on your pb sfb! I agree that good socks with support, dri-fit etc are well worth the outlay... Sounds like you had a spring in your step. :-)

  • Thanks all :-)

  • Fantastic to cut so much off your PB - and after all that 5x50 running this week too! What tough legs you've got! Wonderful running Hazel :).

  • Thank you - I'm not sure about tough legs, but I'm surprised they're not shorter after all this weeks running ;-)

  • Well done.! My aim is to do a park run when I graduate. Those socks look great too. I've added them to my wish list.

  • You'll enjoy park run, it's all very friendly and encouraging.

    The socks are double-skin so I had to loosen my laces a bit to wear them - they were far more effective than I expected.

  • Loving "wine flu" - I am so stealing that! Congrats on a fab run. Hope you enjoyed your pub lunch.

  • Thank you, my pub lunch was delicious !

  • According to runners world a couple of months ago hungover girls did better at running the next day then sober ones! (It didn't work for boys though) I am presuming you are a girl, and therefore your PB was clearly brought on by alcohol. All off to the pub then! :-)

  • So that's the answer then - more wine ! :-)

  • my last PB followed an evening of lots of wine and fish & chips! I agree with the MORE wine!

  • Congratulations (will have to rename you Tigger!!)

    More wine is always the answer in my book.

  • Wow, well done on the PB, that's fantastic! :-)

    There I was thinking I won't be able to Parkrun next Saturday as I may imbibe a few wines at my daughters wedding reception next Friday; and now this post makes me wonder....! Ha ha! :-)

  • Red wine gives you wings ! ;-)

  • Brilliant! And I am so gonna steal 'wine-flu' :D

  • Well done you, that is a brilliant PB.


    An inspiration xx

  • Thank you kindly :-)

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