It was my birthday on Tuesday and I was proper spoilt by my husband and daughter. Amongst other things I got the above running gear. If this had happened at Christmas I would have been really upset thinking they were trying to tell me something. But only a few months later here I am chuffed that they have bought me such great stuff. My presents included a Pink Running Hat, a Pink Headband, Pink Glasses, Purple Running Headphones, Pink Running Sleeves (can't wait to try these :) soooo happy) , a day glo orange vest and matching running tights with a city scape on :):):):):) . I am sooo lucky and sooo happy.

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  • Wow fab gifts & a happy belated birthday to you ☺ Have fun using them all ☺☺☺☺

  • thank you :) Can't wait. My only run since was rainy :(

  • They look lovely, happy birthday for Tuesday :)

  • thank you :)

  • What great Birthday presents, a Happy Belated to you :-) Be interested to hear about the running sleeves - the only kit I think I'm missing. Lovely when a well thought out present hits the sweet spot.

  • Thanks. I will let you know when I have tried them - it is raining again today so probably be next week now :(

  • Happy Belated Birthday. :)

  • :)

  • You'll look the absolute biz in all that gorgeous gear!! X

  • I may even look like a runner :)

  • Aw how thoughtful of your hubby and daughter xxx

    Hey you've got some fab pieces of kit there Missus , I bet you cant wait to try 'em out !

    Gorgeous stuff ! :-) xxx

  • thanks. Just got to wait for the rain to stop :(

  • 🌺

  • You have a hat! Running in the rain is great! I am off in a mo and it's peeing it down

    Great gear there! You are lucky to have such supporters ☺

    Happy birthday☺

  • He did actually buy me goggles, a nose clip and ear plugs - I keep on putting off learning to swim (reasons being I don't like water in my ears and nose :) ), but have decided to give it a go now I have learnt to run :) . So I might use them too :)

  • Ooh lovely gifts! Happy Birthday for last Tuesday. A real runner for sure!

  • I may look like one but not sure I could pass as one yet :)

  • Oooh, nice haul!

    Were many hints given?

  • none at all :)

  • Happy belated birthday! 🎉 Hope you enjoy the prezzies, I have the headphones but in silver & their great :)

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