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Flashing light, skinny jeans and feeling gooooood!!

Flashing light, skinny jeans and feeling gooooood!!

As you all know I like pink! Not obsessively you understand (though you may think differently!) but it just so happens that most of my running gear, down to my watch, have a flash of pink on them…..ok, maybe sometimes more than a flash like my Ronhill jacket! The reason for my bright pink jacket though is purely practical, to be seen when running in the dark after work. I know, I know, I could have got a high-viz yellow one but it would have clashed with the pink on the tights……

Well now I have just bought a neat little flasing LED light that can attach to the back of the jacket and makes me even more visible. So I tried it out on my Wednesday evening run this week and became so visible that a friend saw me from a bus and rang me later to say I looked "pretty in pink" and how I was "running with a good posture and pace"……I felt over the moon especially when I didn’t think I was running that fast due to nearing the end of the run! If they had seen me running up the hill earlier they would definitely not have said that….. Funny how a little positive comment out of the blue can make you feel so good about yourself…..

Then this morning, I put on some skinny jeans, last worn in the summer and no, before you ask they are NOT pink, they are navy, and though they fitted alright back then they did feel a tad snug round the waist. Today though they fitted like a glove and I am feeling so good about that too!

This running lark may be slowly draining my bank account (and Steve’s and Gayle’s and others here…) but it is also improving my figure, my stamina, my health, my self-esteem and my confidence! Physically and mentally, running is just what the doctor ordered. Just wish I had found it years ago……..

I hope you are all enjoying the pro's of running too, in whatever form it takes in your life.


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Pretty in Pink, I like that. I have just become the proud owner of a High Vis Karrimor gillet. Why buy yellow like everyone else when you can have a pink one?

Congratulations on the compliments and well done for fitting into the skinny jeans. I've noticed i have toned up and other people have noticed and said how good i look (excuse me whilst my head expands :-) ) but you're right other peoples compliments are such and ego boost.


You are right alliec - it might just make us run that bit faster!!


I got an orange one, which along with my headlamp means I think I can be seen from space :-)


LOL!! I like the orange too Greg.....maybe that will be next year's colour scheme for me!!


Well done that's a great compliment if your form was noticeably good towards the end of your run! And woo hoo on those jeans fitting so much better.


Thanks Andrea!


Hi Sue - so pleased to know you are fit and able once more; you must feel brilliant to be out and stopping the traffic with a pink blink :-)!!!!

You know, I'd buy one of those Garmin thingys but no way Santa could afford that - they sound great :-). Don't know how I'd go with all the pressing little buttons to get different displays tho.... Anyway, I think they should give you a commission LOL :-).

Great about the jeans - bet you look STUNNING.

Excellent Sue, hugs Sara xox


Hi Sara, not sure about stopping traffic but it's a nice thought!!

Thanks for your kind words as always. Oh, I wish I could get Santa to bring you a Garmin too, you would be fine with it as its easy to use....maybe I can get you one with all my commission, you are right!!!

Pink and purple - love them both!

I hope your week 9 is going ok and your achilles/heel spurs are not as painful and improving? It wont be long for your big celebration will it?!

Big hugs, Sue xox


Hi Hi Dear Sue - you are so thoughtful :-).

I did run 9/2 along Walmer/Deal beachfront - it was wonderful with a stunning sunrise :-). Apart from a little niggle where I'd had my arthroscopy a few years ago all went well which is wonderful :-) - trusting it's not something else structural that's wrong and just a reminder to find a good running posture - it's only happened on the 2 30 minute runs sooo I'm putting 2 day breaks in between these longer runs.

Anyway, it was lovely being with Mum and Dad albeit sad to see them deteriorating and losing confidence - quite a new experience to see two, hitherto, busy and independent people feeling so diminished.

On a cheerful note (!!!) I think I'll get to do my Grad run today - because I've got a series of Uni seminars to give this week (I flew back into Vienna last night) I am staying at a Pension we know well before going home to the countryside on Friday so my last run will be here in Vienna - what international runners Delia and I are being!!! Mind you... all that running gear in my carry on luggage did give me cause for concern as to whether it would look too full and heavy!!!!!

I now have special insoles for the spurs - we'll see what happens. I'm stretching like mad and determined that my running won't come to a full stop with graduation.

So, dear Sue.... your sweet and thoughtful message touched me and I now have pictures in my head of you hi-jacking Santa on his merry way to Austria :-)!!!!! As long as I'm listening to podcasts and music I'll be using my phone anyway so adding the sports tracker is just fine and at least it's accurate :-). Building and creating a new life is a wonderful journey but one does have to be prepared to take a financial setback that comes with all that re-defining :-). I just have to learn to be patient - one day our efforts will pay off and no doubt Santa will surprise me eventually :-).

Hugs and thanks for listening



Hi Sara

So sorry about your mum & dad; its not easy with elderly parents. Mine are in their 70s & 80s and are not too bad at the moment but I know that day is going to come.... I am glad you managed your run though and along the coast - beautiful!! I hope your grad runs goes well for you today Sara and the niggle stays away; I look forward to reading all about it.

Take care and big hugs back to my international runner and friend!

Sue xoxox


p.s. - it's purple for me :-) - wonder if I could find a purple LED....


We girls need to look good as we run! Currently I'm enjoying pinks, purple, teal and the neon like yellow. I found a buff with a pattern of all of those colors, so it is added to the Christmas list. :-)


Sue, I am so thrilled for you!!! Its amazing how one little program can make a world of difference if one actually works it. Like you, I wish I would of started years ago but I am still grateful I started when I did.

I think the running causes lack of oxygen to the brain which in turn causes Steve and I to do things we never dreamed of before! We just paid money to run past our house, then a fair chunk of $$$$$ to buy plastic watches!!!! ;-) WE MUST BE RUNNERS! :-)

Thank you for being the sweet enabler you are! It's nice to know your bank account is getting drained too! :-)



Thanks Gayle and yes it has to be the lack of oxygen for sure......I dont even look in "normal" shops anymore; I think I have had a tracking device installed whilst sleeping that only leads me to sports stores now!!!!

Good luck for the 5K run today and look forward to reading about it!

Sue x


Maybe that's it? We've all be part of a huge tracking experiment. I too find myself planing trips to Sports Direct, somewher i'd not previously been :-)


You could be right Allie....I think I have shares in all known sports stores!!


Well now, haven't we just had a pretty amazing week, young lady???

You made your return to running after that spell with the bad back, you broke in that wonderful new Garmin Forerunner (by the way, you may wish to consider asking Garmin for a commission!!) you tried out your new flashing LED, (which means you snuck a bit of shopping in this week!!) you recieved wonderful compliments and then to top it off...right into those skinny jeans!!

That, my a GOOD week!! You have many more reasons than just those unexpected compliments to feel good about yourself!! You are on top of the world and you deserve it!!

Oh my, I just realized Gayle has read your blog...this will cost me!! I wonder how much a flashing LED will cost me?? way...we don't even run at night!!! :-) Thank you again for the info on the Forerunner. I love mine, even though it isn't pink!! ;-)

Keep Running!! :-)



Thanks Steve! Yes, I do feel really good right now and it's all down to the running I'm sure.

Glad you like the watch and yes, I should be seeking out my cut of the commission on these, you are right.....Was able to sneak in the shopping when I was off with the back; what else could I fill my time with than some good ol' online shopping and no heavy bags to carry either - perfect rehabilitation!!

Have a great run today and I look forward to hearing all about it!



That was lovely to read, Sue. All those positives associated with running. You're a great advert for it. And very nice that your form was complimented.

Personally, I'm an 'all-black' runner - except for my bright green hi-viz best - which is VERY unglamorous. Black 3/4 length running leggings, black running top and black t-shirt over that. I have this ridiculous idea that I'll merge into the night, because the less people that see me, the better!


Thanks Viv! Noooooooo!! Stand out. Be bold. Be brave. Be proud!!! You are a runner! X


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