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10k out of the window and all running for at least 6 weeks :(

So all my wonderful plans for completing c25k and running my 1st 10k this weekend have gone totally out of the window since I have aggravated my big toe joint. Saw a private physio who told me to rest for 2 weeks and RICE but 6 weeks on this is still no better. Went to see my GP who told me that if I want it to settle completely I have to take 6 weeks off all exercise and elevate at all times where possible. 6 Weeks!!!! That is impossible I will go stir crazy I need my fix of exercise induced endorphins ...... ARGH!! Any body else had a similar issue as it is the ball of my foot under my big toe that is the problem ( it is not gout, not broken and not a bunion) but I can't even walk bare footed without it hurting.

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Oooo ouch not good & it's not easy to rest a foot!

I have something similar (but not as sore yet) which had been diagnosed as Morton's Neuroma which is a thickening of the nerve endings between the ball of the foot & toes. It makes my foot go numb with occassional pain in the toes & often feels like I have pins & needles or a pebble in my shoe but I've been given the all clear to keep running (for now!). My big toe is ok though. Apart from RICE did they give you any further tips, diagnosis or prognosis? Or suggest any other exercise you could do if not running?

I'm afraid I guess you'll need to do what the experts say....... 😕

Good luck & chin up!


I have this too and the worse thing for mine is walking around barefoot! Ouch, it can really hurt! Has not interfered with my running yet however.

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Ouch - mine isn't quite at that stage yet - fingers crossed it remains that way - for me - not you - obviously...... :-)


that's a Pain in the, um, foot. Turn adversity into opportunity though - use the time to concentrate on upper body and core work. And one-legged squats.


WHAT??? That's terrible news, I'm feeling you're pain (or not!😏) I totally hate the injury couch, though I am no stranger to it. But you'll have to just take the advice, you don't want to be out longer than you have to, so be a good patient and take the medicine. And I'll appreciate the same advice when I'm the one laid out due to the next sporting injury!


I found ibuprofen and a TENS machine really helped when I had a similar sounding problem.

It was a seriously grim experience - spoiled a holiday and I would not wish being pushed around a supermarket in the disabled child trolley because there are no wheelchairs on my worst enemy (unless my worst enemy *was* a disabled child that is)


Some good advice above. I think you might find it useful to discuss your injury with a sports therapist specialist, someone who has a sympathic understanding of your desires.

Can I add the idea of trying yoga!? I have found it very useful on many levels including: generating endorphins, strength building, flexibility and improving on one's mental frustrations. Just talk to the instructor about your injury before the session begins.

Because of a knee injury I've stopped running for a few weeks and instead use the cross-trainer mixed in with upper body weights (low volume and high reps), all on machines which allows me to sit. If you skip the Xtr all the weight training would keep you off your foot but, assist you in keeping up with some physical activity. Pop into a local gym and discuss your needs.

If you think it might be helpful to you to have a more detailed discription of my current training, feel free to drop me a message and I send you details.



Thanks for all your great advice, I think yoga sounds like a good plan to do some core work, also the upper body sitting weights. I have tens machine but didn't think of using that so thanks I will hobble off and find it now! I'm glad I'm not too much of a freak and other people have had similar issues. I will attempt to try and be good ..... then I guess it will be back to the beginning again with the plan.


Crap news but sometime you just have to ignore the docs and try to run. Ok here I am 5 months after injury still ignoring my problem so maybe not the best person to give advice ;-)


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