My 2nd week weigh in!

5.5lbs on my 1st week and today another 3.5lbs! A long way to go, but it's a good start! Can't thank people enough for the support on here - truly amazing and I am inspired by reading other people's successes. I am still only 'couch to car' but I park around the corner now so at least I have to walk for 10 minutes to get to it! Seriously, I have spent 5 years 'couch to bed' so this is an achievement ha ha ha!

Have a good week everyone - best wishes from a very sunny 'Isle of Wight' UK xx

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  • Progress is progress !

  • Well done on the weight loss! I've lost 2st 8.5 since September, thanks to Slimming World and C25K but still got another 4 stone to go. But we'll both get there eventually!! Keep walking whenever you can and eventually put a few running steps in there every so often. And build up really really slowly so you don't injure yourself. Good luck! :-) x

  • Thanks! And well done to you for such a good weight loss! X

  • Well done on your weight loss, I wish you every success , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • You'll get there Pingu. Just keep going. Dig in when needs be but never quit

    You too OB (as I'll call you) Leaving the car is a great idea. We are all capable of moving more and we all have to start somewhere. You'll suprise yourself. Just keeping going!

  • Hi. What about just doing week 1 every time? I have just finished week 5 but each week I have had to redo a few times. (Lost 1 pound last week - mini happy dance!!)

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