Slowing up 😕

Well the weather wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be so i went out this morning with the intention of running 5k, which i did, but wanted to improve on my time, didn't manage to and in fact was slower than my last 5k, i did it in 40mins. Im running the race for life next month and im really trying to improve on my time, is it worth trying the C25K plus podcasts?? Any thoughts or advice gratefully received ☺


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18 Replies

  • It is very windy today which does not help with speed! All practice is good, but there is a specific 'speed' podcast that lots of people like. Lots of other people swear by using fartleks - or short intervals where you run faster for a while.

    R4L can be very crowded, so not always the place to get a PB!

    Enjoy - you're doing great!

  • Thanks ully ☺

  • "fartleks"? (MF snorts haplessly in corner). Another weird running expression for my collection.

  • Yeah I know! Altogether too much fartlekking about on this site!

  • The wind is a pain isn't it? I've tried the stepping stones podcast so far but none of the others. It was good for posture and position, and for thinking about cadence. Can you use a run 5k faster plan- does asics do one??

  • Not sure but will have a look and no the wind really doesnt help!!

  • Yes of course it is. Keep running them til you've exhausted them. Intervals will get you faster and these are they.

  • Thanks mw ☺

  • I ran speed the other day. It sort of tricks you cos it seems slow. Don't be fooled

  • It sounds counter intuitive but I have improved my time this year with a Jeff Galloway app for easy 10k doing 1 minute run/1 minute walk intervals. I do one run like this a week (up hills) but for longer runs I have adapted to 1k run/1 min walk, my park run time is 2.5 minutes faster using this method than by running all they way. I don't know why or how it works but it does !

  • Thanks henpen will have a look at that ☺

  • You have days with and days without, don't be disappointed. You got outside and you ran 40 minutes, that's no mean feat! Try running with the wind rather than against it, then get the bus back. If it works for migrating storks, it can work for runners :D

  • Ooh - never seen storks on a bus!

  • They have special passes. And seats with extra wing-room.

  • Ah, the next government will soon stop those passes!😃

  • Not if we all vote Green. Their policies are by far the most migrating bird friendly.

  • Haha good idea!!

  • lots of ways to increase pace, the + podcasts are good definitely worth trying , intervals , hills etc are good for increasing speed , not sure how much time you have before R4L .. just go out and enjoy the day :D

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