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Did w5r2 cause my sore throat??so many Q's???

I'm slightly worried woke up day after my run aches pains swollen glands that still aren't down :( it was a bit cool but not freezing has anyone else suffered from this I don't use my nose when I breath should I ? any solutions ? People at work say not to leave ur a week before my next run but my throat is no better ? I'll not have to start from scratch will I ?

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No. Swollen glands are a sign of infection, and running does not cause infection. You have caught a cold or some other bug. You cannot catch a cold from being outside in the cold. Colds etc are transmitted by airborne virus from other people or contact with contaminated surfaces.

The general rule of thumb is that if a cold is below the neck do not run, but neck up you still can. That said, common sense dictates that if you are feeling rubbish, rest.

You will not have to start again from scratch even if you miss a week or two. You might find you want to repeat W5 if you take a week off, you might not need to. Listen to your body, not people at work. Get well soon.


Thank you so much I was worried cause I do have dodgy gland and thought the cold air and breathing in and out through my mouth must of caused it x cheers for response I'll rest up fir another day or so 😜


Oh dear Gordon, that sounds serious! "Dodgy gland"!

If you've not got a sick note though you'll have to run I'm afraid.

Tomorrow, on the street early doors, trainers on. Don't be late. Laura won't wait


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