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Where did my day go? W5R2


I don’t know how it got so late before I posted. I have so much more time because of lockdown (no commute, no quick meet up with friends, no finding myself still at work at 7pm) and yet the day passed. So I did W5R2 today. Got out in the middle of the day to have a break away from the laptop. Run went ok. But of course now I need to face the dreaded W5R3 😱. As I am repeating C25K I know I can do this. So maybe I just need to run a mantra in my head “I’ve done this before. I can do it again”. Not sure who I’m trying to convince here 😀 🏃‍♀️

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You’ve done it before, you know the program works, you can and will do it!


It is weird isn't it, I get to the end of the day and think about the pressing matters that will need to be added to tomorrow's to do list as there simply hasn't been time today :)

Just remember how marvelous you felt after W5R3 last time round!


You can do it! I run the same route so I can measure progress 🤔 I try tricking myself by cutting my runs into chunks... I just need to get to ...this point, then Ill be ok when I get to ...this point. I know I've got the whole run to do but thinking in blocks helps. Keep it up you know you'll feel good when it's done.

I'm the same as Allbarron and focus on getting to next lamppost. You know you can do it. Go for it!


Don't forget to use 🐌 speed if you need to!

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