Completed week 6 run 3 but my hip is so sore...

Don't any of you get injured or have aches and pains afterwards? I really feel my 53 years after any run, whether on the boring old treadmill or on my local sports field ( which conveniently is exactly 1km around!) I managed week 6 run 3 and actually tricked myself into doing more than 25 minutes, and I do lots of stretches afterwards, but omg my hip is so stiff and sore the next day..I can hardly move. It really takes the pleasure out of feeling I actually will be able to run for the whole 5 km pretty soon. I don't think I can keep doing the full distance because running for 20 minutes plus seems to really set it off...feeling demoralised by my old and aching body!


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  • It might be time to take a few days break or juat an extra day. It will give your body time to repair and come back stronger xxx

  • I had problems with hip pain and went to see a physio who put me on daily hip and glute strengthening exercises which have much improved the pain. It seems like having strong core muscles is essential for trouble free running. Pilates is helpful too. You may need o rest it a bit more than you are to give it more time to recover.

  • A bit of sore muscles is to be expected, and that includes muscles you're not aware that you're using. But stiffness so you can hardly move sounds worse than par. I agree with kickibro, take it easy for a day or two extra... far better to take a few days now than a few months later on.

  • You're on dreaded week 6, the rest are easier so take heart

    If you're new to exercise then you should expect to feel it, it's normal. As you get stronger and fitter you will feel better. Working on your core fitness is a good idea. Swimming would be a good one and folks on here recommend cycling. I like to walk on my non-running days as it's free and easy to fit in around everything else

    I'm 56 and I do feel it more when I've been on a longer run or walk, but it's to be expected I suppose and you do feel better the day after.

  • Yep I am in the ladies of a certain age camp and find that I often need to take extra rest days to avoid extra pains, I have also seen a physio and as others have said you may need to do core exercises and extra strengthening. For me I think having had children the hips are a weak area even without being older and having not exercised for years

  • Firstly, very well done on getting this week out of the way. It's one of the toughest on the programme and always nice to see the back of. Things will get better now but as you are going to be doing longer runs from here on in then a bit of extra rest might be beneficial to you. I agree that working on core strength complements running - I used to do daily exercises based on Pilates and found running a lot easier then. I let the Pilates lapse and find it more difficult to run now. As I can't justify the cost of Pilates classes at the moment I am using a book and also just bought a DVD "Pilates for Life" demonstrated by Darcy Bussell. I find this very good because she goes through all the exercises slowly - so it's easy to follow. Yoga or Tai Chi are also good for core strength. However, it's for you to decide whether you want to look into something like that. In the meantime, have some rest and then good luck with the start of week 7. My best wishes to you.

  • I've got the darcy bussel , it's good but do wish she would count along with you while she performs , she's allways done before me lol . & do you do the whole hr or just pick bits you want to do ? It seems to go on for ever l& I find it hard .

  • Hi Rockette, The Darcy Bussell DVD only arrived today and I've dipped into it but not made an actual start on it. I chose her DVD because she doesn't chatter all the way through it (which would drive me nuts), she keeps it slow and I like the classical piano music background. I think it highly unlikely that I would do the whole programme in one go. When I was working from a fitness book where the exercises are all based on Pilates they had a 12 week programme for beginners at the back of the book - week by week. Each day just about 6 different exercises were done (plus warm up and warm down) and each day worked on a different body area for 6 days and then a mix of all body areas for the seventh day - but still no more than about 6 - 8 exercises.. I see that method is possible with the Darcy Bussell DVD. I'll be taking more of a look at it over the next few days so I'll let you know how I get on with it. I'm also looking at the 'Pilates Bible' by Jo Ferris (a chartered physiotherapist who also teaches classical Pilates) and find that very good. The Darcy Bussell book should arrive within the next few days. I do like my Pilates and must get back to giving it priority. Cheers.

  • Yes let me know how it goes . I've got both book& DVD . That sounds good just doing bits for different parts of the body . To be honest I d found it quite hard but I've been trying to do the whole lot at once . I'll try that other way & see how I go . Will keep you posted .

  • If you have the book as well that might make it a bit easier to choose exercises that are suitable for steady progression - much like anything else! It's only natural, I think, to do the entire DVD in one go - I have yet to see a workout DVD that tells people to do things in smaller chunks. I wouldn't have known except for the book I got last year with the fitness exercises and structured programme in it. It also says, incidentally, that if an exercise is too difficult then it can be replaced with one of the same level that is easier. The structured programme in the fitness book also has introductory exercises for the first 6 weeks and then more advanced ones for the next 6 weeks. I found that doing a short warm up/warm down at each end of the session and just 6 exercises during the session takes about 15 to 20 minutes. If this is done consistently for, say, 5 or 6 days a week, believe me - it works! I'm hoping my Darcy Bussell book will arrive today or tomorrow. Good luck.

  • Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. Funnily enough I have been doing yoga, but not this week. But it sounds like the right thing to be doing so i will get back to that. I think I will check with a physio to make sure it's not something serious. And a rest for a couple of days sounds tempting!!

  • I think you are making some wise decisions there. Cheers.

  • Hi I'm 58 and after several injuries have got to the end of week 6. I've started taking extra rest days until I feel recovered enough to move on. Take your time, rest and strengthen with a few sun salutations every day, then start again. Enjoy

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