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First 10k in 22 years!

Hello All. I graduated some time ago and have been running 3 x 5k's per week since. I have been trying to convince myself that I should give a 10k a try. So, I decided Sunday was the day. I prepared my route a few days before and decided I would just take it really slowly, my aim being a vast increase in distance to my normal runs and not worry about time at all.

I have done 1 10k previously...22 years ago when I was 18! (you do the maths!!). I swore id never do another, but I had an inner confidence due to running 5k's quite comfortably, courtesy of C25K.

I can tell you that at 4.5 miles my thighs were asking me what the hell was going on! It wasn't easy, but I had some great running tunes on and mentally focussed on how I would feel at the end of the run.

I came in at 1 hour, 10 mins and 22 seconds. I'm no distance runner, but before I set out, I decided if came in about 1 hour 15 mins, I'd be chuffed.

So, feeling fairly proud of myself, I synced my garmin and looked at the stats. As I said, I"m no distance runner, but going from 5k to a 10k, for me, is an achievement. I now plan to do 2 x 5k's and a longer run as the third (5-6 miles) each week.

I guess what Im trying to say is this...thanks to a structured running programme and encouragement from like minded folk, I know I am capable of going out and running a 5k or a 10k route. So thanks C25K'ers...happy and safe running :))

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Well done! A great turning back of time.

However you have broken all the rules about increasing your distance, which should be by only 10% per week, to avoid the hugely increased risk of injury by pushing too far too quickly. As a relative youngster you will probably get away with it, but as an oldie approaching sixty, I have discovered the hard way that the 10% rule is a very sensible guide and would encourage others to use it.

I hope you suffer no ill effects and continue to enjoy turning back the clock.

Keep running, keep smiling.

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yep, agree re the 10% rule. I have ventured in to 4/4.5 miles recently, so just decided to take the plunge in to 10k! Thanks for your reply and I do understand exactly what you're saying. I'm feeling pretty good today though and will run again Wednesday after 2 days off.


Well done - hope you've had a good stretch!!


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