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Wk9 run 3, thank you!


10 years ago I smoked at least 20 Marlboro reds a day. 10 weeks ago I was a slightly overweight 37 year old mother of 3 who had fallen into the trap of inactivity due to back pain and too much cake and cheese eating.

Like many, I embarked on c25k expecting to fail. I have followed it to the tee and finished last week doing 5k in 32 mins 45 secs.

I have lost inches from my waist and hips. My floppy, pregnancy ruined abdominal strain are now strong and re-knitting and I feel better than I have felt ever.

I have no interest in sport but am proof that all it takes is the grit and motivation to get up and take control of your own weight, health and well being.

Thank you for giving me the tools to turn around my lifestyle and achieve so much in such a relatively short space of time. I vow to never revert! Good luck to all others following the programme x

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Many congratulations. :)


Great post and so motivational. I was there and did revert sadly, but not this time. This is for life. Exercise will always be a part of my life from now on. Please keep sharing your journey and congratulations on your grad run :)


Massive well done! That's a great time for a 5k too!


Wow thats fantastic well done ☺ 👍

Well done! You're fast as well!


really well done :) great achievement


What a brilliant post Zoe, it sums up everything that's good about the effects of c25k. Congratulations! Now hurry up and get that graduate badge because you've certainly earned it. :)

I love this post. It's so inspiring and you've said it from the heart Zoe. A massive congratulations to you for what you have achieved and that time is just brilliant!

I believe that you will make running a part of your life now as its rewards are too precious to lose and it sounds as if you so get that.

What's next for you? Whatever you do, just relish in it and enjoy!


Congratulations. I have always said Ct5k should be on prescription. Good luck with your future new you.


Congratulations Zoe! I hope you feel really proud of yourself.


Well done and congratulations Zoe.

Great post too.


Well done you its a great programme to follow keep up the good running


Well done...I can really relate to what you are saying, it feels great to get the power back over our bodies doesn't it :) so what next?? :)

in reply to ju-ju-

Yes, totally empowering. Going to remain at 30 mins, 3 times a week for now and try and get to 5k in 1/2 hr exactly. Need to get stronger and fitter at this level then increase distance to get a more beautiful run. And you?? Where are you at in the whole thing?

in reply to Zoe2002

That sounds like a great plan...I graduated just over 2 years ago and I have been hooked ever since. I astounded my own expectation and ran my first marathon 3 weeks ago in Paris...I would never have believed I would have been capable in my 45th year!!!! Keep having something to aim for it will keep you on your toes :)

Lovely post, and congrats on the big week 9 runs. Super time as well. More power to your elbow my friend!!


Well done Zoe ! It's weird isn't it, at the beginning you think the idea of running for 30 mins is a hopeless impossibility, but starting at the beginning and making small improvements each week just seems to get you there. Great time btw. Park run on Saturdays ?


Well done Zoe, brilliant post xxx

Dont forget to ask for your badge , wear it with pride. Very well deserved ! :-) xxx


Congratulations! That's a great achivement - feel proud! x

You're amazing! Well done, and keep us posted on how you get on with your next phase. I'm 2 weeks behind you, 4 years older than you and more than slightly overweight but share the same abdominal 'badge of honour' we get from little our darlings :-) I'm even as ex-smoker as well! I'm so inspired by you right now.


Congratulations! that's great. Hope you really enjoy your future running!


Beautiful. Revel in the success - the program is fab, but without the necessary grit and determination, it wouldn't have happened! With big hugs from another mum of three who is three runs away from achieving what she thought impossible too....

It never ceases to amaze me what this crazy little programme does for people. Well done. Lots more roads to run down now!


Well done matey; crack on now!!

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