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Early Days but it can be done!

I did this program in 2011, with american podcasts and completed it (I think i repeated one week twice though) I ended up eventually running 10miles (albeit at a slow pace I am not a natural runner!!) then I gave it up. Got unfit put on weight etc etc. Now I am starting again (week 3 done!!), and wondering why I stopped in the first place! I am pleased that the NHS are now doing these podcasts. I just wanted to share my experiance with people doing this to let you know it can be done! I only wish I never stopped after completing it, and should have carried on!

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Yes you should!!!! Still, you're doing it now so that's what counts. You will get back to fitness and lose the weight you regained but only if you stick with the programme. You have to want to do it though or it won't pan out.

It's in your hands. Come on! You can do this


Good luck 2nd time around Zark!


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