Couch to 5K

Week 5 Run 1 - not at all bad


Just completed Week 5 Run 1, that's the 3x5 minutes one - it didn't feel bad at all. In fact it was going so well that instead of walking the five minute warm down, I ran it. I'm not sure if that's allowed but I felt ready to do it and I didn't think it would hurt. Today was the first time I ran in the rain and my normal route was a bit muddy and I had to take more care not to turn my ankle over. It made me realise that running in April and May is entirely different from running in the cold dark winter if I'm still going by then. For the time being - bring on 5.2!


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Hi Adam, some training plans suggest jogging as an alternative to walking in the cool down. As you move through the programme and into regular running it becomes even more important to cool down, stretch and rehydrate afterwards or it will affect your recovery adversely.

So a gentle run to finish with followed by stretching should be OK. Good luck with the next 5 runs in particular! :-)


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