Hi has anyone got any advice for me Had a niggly pain 2 weeks ago that seemed to improve but ,yesterday, tried a 30 min run .Only managed 15 mins before a dull pain felt just above right hip bone on right side.Slowed to a walk .At home went on the net and scared myself silly reading the host of possible causes for my problem.

Would appreciate your comments and /or similar experiences. many thanks


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13 Replies

  • I've had the same thing in my right hip area and after several months have come to the conclusion that it is in the muscle and not the bone. I drove myself crazy imagining that I might need a hip replacement. It was when I began strength training that it occurred to me that it's muscle strain.

    Now, after my workouts, I rub myself down with a horse liniment called "Absorbine ". The chief ingredient is menthol and my pain has almost completely disappeared. 👟😊

  • Interesting! Never heard of it...I see there is a human version too :) but in the US. Would you say it's like deep heat muscle rub or completely different? I'm not supposed to use anything anti-inflammatory so am interested in alternatives. Thanks.

  • It is a deep muscle rub. I think you could get it through Amazon UK. I think it's the menthol that makes the difference. I got mine at out local horse feed store. It's a stronger rub than you can get from the chemist.

  • Thanks !

  • Tiger Balm is good too as it has menthol and you can buy it over the counter in Boots or any chemist.

  • Tha nk you so much for your suggestions .I have looked at rollers but am confused by those which appear smooth and those which are ridged .Which would be the best for my problem?.Re stretching I just followed the warm up walk on C25K+. Maybe that was not enough.I welcome yr thoughts on this

  • Have a look at this article ezra runnersworld.com/running-ti...

    The foam rollers with the ridges will give you a deeper massage but you're probably best to start with the smooth one. I have a smooth one and it works very well!

  • If you are beginning foam rolling, you want a smooth one to begin.

  • It could be tight muscles. Are you stretching after each run? Also a foam roller is the best thing for ironing out tightness and getting rid of minor aches. Try a yoga or Pilates session as these are great for deep stretching.

  • Hi Ezra, I suffer with this too ....

    I went to see a physio and have had 3 massages that had me screaming the place down but worked wonders.

    I have been doing strengthening exercises and loads of stretches to try lengthen the muscles.

    I hope you feel better soon xxx

  • Thank you so much for your advice and experience.I think strengthening exercises will help. I don't want to see my doctor as she was scathing about my taking up running in the first place perhaps becos I am 64;. Thing is I love running and just do not want to give it up.

  • I understand Ezra, I put off going to the docs for ages but I went in the end as I was convinced I had a stress fracture or something .

    Boo ! Hiss ! to your Doc for being so negative and dismissive !

    I frightened myself half to death by looking on the internet . I had an Xray which luckily ruled that out. It is a common injury , more common in women because of the way our pelvis is shaped.

    I still get the pain now, but it only lasts maybe a day and then Im okay. I just run very very slowly now as to not to aggravate it .I am hoping as I get stronger it will go completely. Ive just got a exercise bike from Ebay , so I am going to use that on my non running days.

    Maybe if you can go see a physio if it doesnt settle down ? Problem is theyre not cheap, but it was worth it for me , just to put my mind at rest .

    I also take Ibuprofen when its playing up and that seems to help. Oh and theres lots of hip strenghening exercises and stretches on You Tube .

    Theres quite a few people on here who have suffered similar problems , Turbo Tortoise is one , if you want to do a search. Sorry, I dont know how to put a link up :-)

    Good Luck and I hope you find some relief xxx

  • I ended up at physio with hip pain. Was sensitive to touch. Felt bruised. Anyways with me it was combination of poor core muscles (have 5 kids) & tight muscle in the back of my leg. Had to work on that and change the way I ran by tipping my pelvis slightly forward to help engage the quad & bum muscles on both sides. Physio worked a treat and I now stretch after every run or I get the pain back.

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