Calf strain

Managed to get to week9 without injury, then bam! Calf strain on first run, I'm soooooo frustrated, Rice'd, rested 3 days and trying to be sensible, although did a trial 10m run - silly person( polite version) undid the 3 days of rest.

Got so far and the graduation medal is just out of reach ahhhhh!

Will try to be 'Really' sensible now( not easy) and wait until pain gone, stretch + flexing in meantime.


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  • That should read 10 mins not 10 mile, couldn't manage that far without the injury!๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh poor you. So near and yet so far! Rest up. x

  • Please do rest up - I did something similar about 3 months ago and needed a full 3 week lay off before returning without any further ill effects. This is one case where it pays to be patient, even when it is no longer painful.

  • Thanks Ullyrunner, I know you're right, I should be thankful is nothing serious.

    Just need to think long term, get it right and get back out there.


    Annty โ˜บ

  • The running will be there, waiting for you.

  • This has just happened to me finished week 7 now frustrated and wanting to finish,never thought I would say that 7 weeks ago

  • Hi Annty, similar story here - finished Wk7 but with calf and ankle pain. Currently resting and from the great advice received here, learnt the value of post-run stretches and avoiding hills! Lets hope we - inc kaz56 - recover soon and get to graduate pain free!

  • Thanks i hope to get back soon was going to try yesterday, but chickened out, been powerhooping this morning and decided i was not going to risk runninning today oh well week 8 awaits

  • Here's to our recovery and graduation FozSoc + Kaz56. No one said it was a race to complete the 9 weeks, a few xtra just means we're storing up more experience to be used post grad.


  • You will get there but as everyone says do rest up. I'm on the injury couch myself AGAIN with a hip injury and tried to run today and failed miserably as it was so painful. I have decided learning to rest is actually harder than learning to run!! But very important so we can run again in time . See you out there soon!

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