Passport: check. Factor 50: check. Trainers: check!

So I should be doing a last minute check of the suitcase I packed last night ready for our flight this afternoon, but instead I'm heading out for W3R3. Then the sports bra and trainers will be packed, ready for my repeat of Week3.

I just wondered if anybody else has been completing these runs whilst they are on holiday and have any tips for dealing with a sudden change in temperature. I am heading out into mizzly grey weather here, in Turkey it is looking like 30 degrees during the day. I'm going to be running in the early morning, as this seems best but if anyone's got any other tips please let me know. I presume that there are probably lots of runners in the Turkish countryside, so hope I won't stand out too much (!)

On an entirely unrelated topic, has anyone else been a bit baffled by Laura's tip in relation to the hedge? I keep thinking that the way someone else would know that I was running is because I'm going much faster! I know that's not the point of the tip but cant help thinking that every time I hear it. Roll on week 4!


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7 Replies

  • Lucky you! Run early or late. Wear lots of sunscreen, a hat and sun specs. a sweat band is good - because you certainly will - and seek out a shady route if possible. Keep well hydrated before and after running.

    Oh, and enjoy yourself! One of the pleasures of running is to be able to do it in different lovely places.

  • Thanks! Sweat bands now in carry on, and hoping for some lovely scenery to sweat through!

  • About Laura and the edge, I understood what she meant because my running had been so slow that I think someone walking would overtake me. I think her example was just to teach us not to waste energy by bopping up and down like a rabbit.

    Turkey and running: I would take a male with me unless you are running in a resort.

  • I'm planning my holidays too. I've googled a route and it's on mapmyrun in various guises from 1 to 5 miles depending on whether I want to run to the end of civilisation (the last hotel) or the end of the world (where the tarmac turns to sand). Elevation of 40ft feet so pretty flat too. It's probably an early morning run, or between 5 and 7 when everyone is preparing for the evening. I'm taking sunglasses, and lots of sunscreen. I get time to do a last Parkrun before we set off, unless they change the takeoff time.

  • I ran in Turkey in July last year - early in the morning (about 7) was fine, but I didn't have much option of where to run. Up and down the road with lots of hotels off it. Be wise about where you run - you shouldn't need a male with you in a resort area, but if you're going to the countryside you might stand out a bit. Last tourist tip - beaches look SO lovely and inviting to run on, but the dry sand on Mediterranean beaches is SUCH hard work that I've never managed more than 100m.

  • I recently bought some active suncream, designed for sweat maybe pick some of that up,in the airport. Take water, drink lots of water before and after each run, tell someone where and how long you will gone for, if it's dry it's easier than humid heat. Enjoy your holiday and it's great running in different locations!!

  • I did my graduation run last May in Turkey. Heading over in 2 weeks time again. My advise is go out early morning, I went out around 7am to run, make sure you take water with you. We have a pine forest near us, where locals go to walk and exercise, when running I went up and down between the trees as it was a bit cooler. About 8.30 it usually is already heating up for the day. Early evening around 7.30 or 8pm would also be good, as its cooler, but generally people are getting dressed to go out at this time. Also a nice early morning run along the beach is great. Have a great time and enjoy.

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