First run - CHECK

Hi all. Decided to bite the bullet and start running! My new running shoes were delivered this morning and off I went. It was hard but not as bad as I expected. Just fancied sticking a post on as I know these forums are usually helpful for motivation! I'm currently studying abroad in Spain and will be back in Alicante this time next week - anyone got any tips for running in the sun?


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12 Replies

  • Stay hydrated and smile to yourself as you think of the rest of us pounding along through the sleet and hail.

  • Haha I'm sure the weather won't be too bad! Good tip on the water though, thanks!

  • I can't speak from experience of running in the sun as where I live is not famed for its blazing sunshine. I was pretty active - horse riding and walking- when I worked in Spain many years ago and the key things for me were to always carry water and remember the sunscreen. Enjoy yourself and think of us all battling the winter wind, rain, hail and snow!

  • I'd forgotten about sunscreen, I got so used to not wearing it last term as it got colder in the winter months. I'll get some long lasting stuff in! Thanks Angie

  • Welcome to the forum! Well done on getting started!

    Go out early before it gets too hot and humid?

  • Good plan, hopefully my timetable will give me enough time to go out in the mornings :)

  • Are you running with C25k then Katy? I hope so cos it's the bees knees

    Alicante! My mate has a place there. It sounds wonderful. Happy running!

  • Yes I've got the app on my phone and I found it really helpful. Alicante is very nice and I live just on the seafront so I should have some nice views while I run. Thanks for the warm welcome!

  • Stick with Laura and she'll get you round. Some say the app is a bit hit and miss. The podcasts are sound though if you find you have probs with the app. You can download it here I believe

    My pal has a place in Alicante. He brings me rice back! You are in a very special rice growing there. Lovely stuff!

  • I live in Santiago and at the moment the temperatures is between 31-34 degrees. I have learnt go early hard for me as I am not an early bird.

    Always carry water, now some people say carrying things while running is bad but staying hydrated is better. place the water for a while in the freezer so it's extra cool, even in the early mornings the sun will heat the water up!!

    Wear sunglasses or a cap without the head bit so you just have the peak. When wearing sunglasses don't take them off at all because when you put them back on they will steam up.

    While running always pick the shaded side.

    Carry money - to buy extra water if going on long runs

    Buy brooks foot talc - my feet sweat and get very hot so wearing that keeps them nice and dry and has reduced the number of blisters

    nice and steady and listen to your body - good luck with the programme !!

  • Hi Katy,

    I am envious, but well done you for your get up and go attitude. I joined the get fit craze almost 2 weeks ago and before I could get out of the door I got that awful flu that is going around and it took me out. I am slowly on the mend now so hopefully, be able to make a start soon. However, you will be running in Spain by then - just remember to keep hydrated:)

    Take care and all the best. Bless.

  • Oh no, hope you feel better soon! I think new year just always kicks me off. Last year I decided to give up coca cola on a whim and ended up sticking to it and I think it's because I started at new year. It's a great time to make a fresh start! Good luck with your running!

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