Crazy lady alert!!!!

I've just completed wk4 run 1 - it was tough but I did!!!! Every time Laura spoke I kept answering her! Like she could actually hear me!!! I got a few funny looks from passers by......😳, anyways, after I completed the first 5 min section I bust in to tears shouting " I did it!!! I did it!!! Oh my gosh I just did it!!!!! A young man walked by me and I turn to him and shouted in his face I just did it!!!! Poor thing look scared, I carried on going focusing on what was coming up next and I've only just thought what a nutcase I must have looked like dancing down the road shouting at people in pure joy!!! ( I think I shouted louder as I had my earphones least when the men in white coats arrive that's what I'll say!)

Yay!!!!!! I did it!!!!!'

And calm :)


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  • So, did you do it, or not?

    He he, well done.

  • Hahaha, you know ...... I think I may have done :)

  • Nutter!

  • :) and proud of it ;)

  • Go for it juju. I have a tendency to shout 'come on' to myself when I am slacking, it does get some funny looks.

  • Glad to discover I am not alone. Perhaps we can share a room in the hospital.

    Very well done.

  • It's a huge relief know I'm not alone :) roomie

  • Oh thank goodness im not the only one i do that "come on"thing to myself too, and i also say out loud "your not stopping!" Yikes how scary do we appear to be out there haha ?!

  • Hahaha I shouted that today to!!!

  • Back in week 1, when Laura said to give yourself a pat on the back - I actually did :)

  • Ha ha ha I'm so with you on that one!

    I quite often respond to Laura but normally I'm turning the air blue (soz Laura) as she's telling me I should be settled into a good rythym by now or that I'm doing great. Although I have managed to avoid shouting at anyone so far (I think!!!)

  • Glad that so many of you talk back to Laura too! Haha. I've also yelled at my legs to keep going. Love the enthusiasm, well done!!

  • You go for it girl - express yourself and celebrate! Hell, it's an accomplishment! I tell myself off when I slack, and dance and punch the air when I finish. I scared a couple of old ladies walking their dogs once and got stared at tonight when I was dancing and singing The Eurythmics in the middle of the pavement, but I'm a misfit foreigner in the village so I don't give a monkey's uncle.

  • Perfectly normal behaviour in my view.

  • I realised I sing out loud - but only realised this when people started staring at me :) . I also talk back to Laura lots.

    I think they may have to open a new hospital for us all not just a room :)

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