Confirmed; I'm crazy ☺️

Completed my first run of week four of Jantastic today, the weather was icy and rain blowing into my face on the return lap. I looked like a drowned rat when I got back but had a big smile on my face as I think it was my best run for a long time. My wife just looked at me as if I were nuts, she's probably right but it was a good feeling. I'm enjoying the moment roll on Friday for run two.


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19 Replies

  • There's a lot of us around! I had one of those runs and I must say I loved it too. Invigorating is the word methinks! Love your tag btw!

  • It's nice to hear that I'm not on my own, invigorating, good word I will remember that!

  • Maybe you're nuts, but if you are, then it's the kind of nutty that is widely admired on this board! :) It's such a good feeling, isn't it, and even more so if the weather is a bit rubbish.

  • This is a great forum, the amount of support is great and goes a long way to keeping the enthusiasm going. Until I started C25K I never thought I would get addicted but it has certainly bitten me. Happy running.

  • Haha! Sounds like a great run, sometimes we just have to get out there x :-D

  • I glad it made you smile, it certainly brought a smile to my face.

  • Me too! W4 run 2 today, was itching to get out in between sleet, hail, sideways rain....who would've thought it?! Me? I agree, it's addictive and fun. Keep going :)

  • It's nice to hear from like minded people, I hope your run went well, keep it up and keep smiling.

  • I know that feeling. I'm due to run in the morning and we have gale force winds and light snow forecast. I'm quite looking forward to it - I might get to run in a blizzard! Never thought I'd have said that 6 months ago.

  • If it is a blizzard let's hope it's behind you for most of the way. It sounds like you may have to visit the ski shop soon. ☺️

  • we are definitely all on the side of insane and nuts here as we love running and are completely addicted ,long may it continue :D well done on completing your run

  • Thanks Rob, happy running.

  • Before I started running, I would look at runners out in all weathers , and think to myself " They must be mad ! "

    Now , I think this is perfectly normal behaviour and its everyone else thats mad ! :-D

    Glad you enjoyed your run, certainly blows all the cobwebs away running in this weather ! :-D xxx

  • I thought the same as you before I started, but the running bug has certainly taken hold and I love it. Never did I ever think I would say that so there must be life in the old dog yet, does that make me barking mad?

  • Woof ! Woof ! :-)

    I know , I keep thinking Ive been taken over by aliens and one day I will be returned to how I was before , sat on the couch , puffing my head off ! :-D

  • Hello Poppypug, I think I only deserved one woof as I still regard myself as a newbe and two woof's might alert those aliens.

  • Haha oh have it on me , I don't mind :-D xxx

  • LOL, I don't know why, but somehow it's much more satisfying when you've had a run in bad weather, you've not only managed to 'run' (I just lollop along), but you've been out in conditions where most people wouldn't even consider stepping out the door. Although I'm looking forward to the lighter days of the summer, I can't imagine running in the heat and may well find myself looking forward to the winter again.


  • I glad it has raised a smile, I don't think it matters how you run as long as you enjoy it. The most import thing is that you are actually out there doing it, although I must say I did look a bit soggy but i will be out there again tomorrow. Happy running.

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